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Fall Tour with Chevelle and Nothing More

on July 11, 2016

We're heading out on tour this fall with our friends Chevelle and Nothing More! VIP tickets on sale this Wednesday and general on sale this Friday.

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Live Stream our Cleveland Show/Fall Tour Dates!

on July 08, 2016

Yahoo and Live Nation will be live streaming our show in Cleveland on July 13! Tune in at 8:25pm EDT to catch Breaking Benjamin, followed by our set at 9:55pm EDT. For more information, click HERE

We’re also excited to announce that we will be hitting the road with our friends Chevelle and NothingMore this fall. Dates and cities will be announced soon.

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Nyle DiMarco's Dancing With The Stars Freestyle Dance

on May 24, 2016

In case you missed it, watch Nyle DiMarco's dance to our cover of "The Sound of Silence" from Dancing With The Stars last night.

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Dancing With The Stars - Nyle DiMarco

on May 23, 2016

Hello Disturbed Ones, we would like to share a touching email we recently received from Dancing with the Stars contestant Nyle DiMarco, who happens to be deaf and will performing his final dance tonight for the trophy to our version of "The Sound of Silence". Nyle emailed us to ask for our permission to use our version of the song that has inspired him and hopes to convey an even bigger message to help people better understand the history of the deaf community.Tonight is the big night so help spread the word and cast your votes for Nyle!

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"The Sound of Silence" Record Store Day Picturedisc

on April 13, 2016

We’re releasing a picture disc for “The Sound of Silence” exclusively for Record Store Day this Saturday, April 16. Find a participating store here:



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