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on April 21, 2008

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i live in Finland, and for 2 long years i´ve waited for disturbed to come in here.. i don´t wait no more.. ´cause i got the fucking tickets within 1 hour and i´ll be in Helsnki Ice Hall on nov. 2nd YAHOOOOO.

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Greetengs from Poland - i'm totally new in here :)
One question. You see, I've just bought Indestructible Lmited Internet Edition from and I don't see any promotional code. Where I can get one?
Thx in advance for replying :)

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ahhhhhh!! i cant get the new album right now because here in mexico is hasnt selling yet ahhhh.......................but i´ll listen the others albums all the day ...

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This Sucks. I purchased the Limited Edition. But Have not received a code for "Inside The Fire" :(

Great CD Excellent DVD

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Why why why?????????????????????
I can't get the cd dvd here in argentina, for the love of christ!!!!! is there anyone to refuge me in their home at the US or some other fcking country where you can get the cd dvd..??? lol
Hi all you disturbed onessssssss

If Disturbed, be my guest...

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Hey everyone I'm new to the Disturbed community I've been a fan of Disturbed for a while, but just recently joined the site. I'm here to make friend's that have the same love of Disturbed that I do. For those of you who have Myspace you can check me out at don't be a stranger. Yeah and the new album kicks ass I got the limited edition, but not in time to register the V.I.P which sucks, but the album is kickass.

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I got the special edition from (with the dvd and laminate etc). But I don't see the promo code anywhere?

Anyone know where abouts it is?

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Well sadly I was too slow to get a spot at the mayhem concert i am going to but it is still going to be an awesome day.
Seeing Disturbed live is always the best!!!

the new album great I haven't stopped listening to it!!

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awww, i'm sorry to hear that jaycie! *hugs* tarah and i managed to get ours with some help from maryann and spooxy!

TDO & TPO certified

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I thought that all you were eating was my pride
I know now
It's all been a lie"

<3 tlryfa <3

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I just ripped the CD to my WM Player and I got an unnamed track 13. Did anyone else get this track and do you have any info on it? I can't find anything that says there was supposed to be a hidden track or even find the name of it. So I'm wondering if my computer screwed something up.

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Just found out. It's titled "Run" Thank you Wikepedia. It's one of the best tracks. I'm sorry only those with the limited edition will get to hear it.

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hey guys.... just bought the new album and it rocks..... i havn't stop listening to it...... just wondering if any1 could tell when and if disturbed will be doing a australian tour?

disturbeds biggest australian fan!!!!

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They came here ages ago too bad we probably dont have enough supporters here to fill their concerts :(


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I am trying to figured out a way to get a message to the band. Can anyone help me with this? I used the old site but haven't gotten used to this new site and really want to get a message to someone! PLEASE HELP ME!

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I completely agree... I've been searching for about 30 minutes to find where I can send a message... no luck! One of their tour stops has incorrect info, and I wanted to let them know!

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you're not going to get ahold of the band. and they are not responsible for the upkeep of this to spoox if you have noticed an error. she'll probably be able to mention it to rafacore or whatnot.

TDO & TPO certified

"I still remember when
I thought that all you were eating was my pride
I know now
It's all been a lie"

<3 tlryfa <3

I'm verbally literate! (Are you?)

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This album fuckin rocks! spot on Disturbed!

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check this place out all you disturbed fans Please bare with me, I only started this group today and I havnt been on the computer much lately. Please join this group and add photos and other cool stuff


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The new album is fuckin awesome

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I bought the Limited edition on and i dont get the Promo code!!

What can i do??

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I received the Limited Edition, & STILL don't have a Promo Code!! WTF?!?

Never Slow Down, Never Grow Old...

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SO excited about this album! I ordered it a bit late though, so I won't be getting it for a few days! I suck! Maybe I'll buy another one in the mean time. GOTTA hear it!

Completely Indestructible Disturbed Fan!

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Delete this ass that posted a ripped copy of the CD pre-release. I paid and am happy to wait a few more days (crosses fingers that the package will arrive tomorrow).

Second In another thread it was mentioned that the codes will be going out via email, is this the case, or are the codes shipping in the boxes?

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I was wondering the same thing- I thought they would be on the packing slip, but I'm not seeing anything. I also noticed that I can't sign up for the Meet-n-Greet, until I have used my Promo Code! Help!!!

Never Slow Down, Never Grow Old...

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I think the new album is goin to be good!

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Any plans for a solo tour w/a show in NoCal?

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Download indestructible in best quality in:

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I heard that the album is already out there but no one knows where.

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Yeah, will see you guys at MayhemFest.. but it would great if you could do another show like you did a few years ago.. small and at Koolhaus!!
That was awesome..!


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Hey guys,

Can't wait for new album and stoked to hear you guys have gone back to your heavy sounds.

Any chance of touring Oz for the new album?

It's been way too long since we last saw you down here - I know we are at the ass end of the planet but our crowds are worth it!!