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    To all who RSVP'd for a show:

    To avoid disappointment and confusion please send me your real name and show date ASAP unless you are already contacted and confirmed by me only!
    Rockstar needs the lists of EVERY SHOW to organize the party and after Tuesday July 15 I can no longer guarantee you will be on the list.

    Hurry and click messages on the top right of this page and send me your info now! :)



    Posted 2008-07-11 19:15
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on July 11, 2008

To all who RSVP'd for a show:

To avoid disappointment and confusion please send me your real name and show date ASAP unless you are already contacted and confirmed by me only!
Rockstar needs the lists of EVERY SHOW to organize the party and after Tuesday July 15 I can no longer guarantee you will be on the list.

Hurry and click messages on the top right of this page and send me your info now! :)




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you do realize that this was only for Mayhemfest and that you're only about 6 months + late, right??? it was a VIP lounge area, where as far as i know, no real rockstars ever came anyway, unless you count the energy drinks. it was a nice place to take a break, but nothing else. you didn't miss anything.

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uh what are u talking about? a real party with real rockstars?? how do u sign up and how do u know where to go? let me know cuz hey i need a good memory ir two. lol

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I call dibs on VIP party/Meet n Greet for San Jose show! DIBS!

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Is this thread still going, i.e. is this how we register?

My name is Dave Bolton and I'll be going to the Disturbed/Shinedown gig at Birmingham Academy on 10/10/08. I'll be there with a couple of mates and my cousin so can they have access to or is it just those with the laminate passes (which I have) that gain access?

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Hey, my name is Philip Greatrex, I'm heading to the Auckland concert on Sep 9, wondering if it was too late to RSVP, or even if there's a VIP party on for that show.

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I must be an idiot as well. I am looking at my laminate and do not see any access code. Can someone tell me where to look. My Name is Joseph Schoukens email is and I am trying to rsvp for the show on Tues Aug 19 at darien lake NY

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Hi. This is the first Disturbed concert I have gone to and would love to meet them.My boss wouldn't let me off work so I quit. This will help ease the pain. lol. I bought the cd on line and have the laminate card. My name is Karrieann Hill.My email is Can my husband get in too? Please let me know what I need to do. Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!

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love to Shred:I'll be your friend.
Hate to Shred: I'll beat your ass with nothing but a Knife, a boot, and a spoon.

First of all, I can never make it to any Disturbed concerts ever... so there's no point in me vip-ing.

And even if i could,I wouldn't be able to come. sorry for putting this in such negative terms dudes, but.. it's just the way it is.

QuietAsKept313's picture

How do I get on the VIP list for Saturday 8-9-08? I dropped $45 total for this limited edition (which is basically 1 extra track in the long run which is all over the internet), I am disappointed in the organization of the VIP laminate. If you could get at me, my name is Charles Bannan and e-mail address is Thanks.

bigpete's picture

I think I'm late but let me know for this show on 8/6/2008, My full name is Peter Malloy...........

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I was avay with my family and never knew about the RSVP. I am going to the show in camden on 8/15. I would just like to say that the only reason I paid for the special addition CD was to go to this party. If I am not able to go I feel as if I should get my money back. This should have been sent out over email to all going to the party.

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with my Limited Edition pre-order. I have the laminate but no Rsvp email at all! What should i do?

my email is

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Hey, I think I'm in trouble! I've been on the list for the party since before the new album came out. I've been completely psyched but I haven't been around in a few weeks, so I just checked my messages. I'm WAY past the RSVP date but I did try and RSVP. Is there any hope at all? :(

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My name is Stephen Brosky. I have tickets and laminates from Aug 2nd in Pittsburgh. My email is I was never sent any email or any heads on how to RSVP for the VIP tent until now. Is there any way to get my name added?

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You need to send a message to Spoox with your first and last name and the concert you are going to. Even if you are still on the list of 30 he needs your info to give the people at the show...hope you aren't too late!!

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SPOOX - I RSVP'd a long time ago and I see I am still in the list of 30 people who can sign up. I don't remember sending my real name, but maybe I did. I tried inputting my code on the messages page and it told me it wasn't valid for any promo, so I am guessing that means I already did it. I would like to verify my name is on the list. First name is Kerry. Thanks.

*** I tried to contact you but you have your profile set not to accept private messages, deadline has passed and I can no longer guarantee your on the list -spoox ***

Justintime1980's picture

thanks barb for the help ....nope no email with my code ...could spoox maybe send me a new one ? anyone else having the same problem ?

barbjh82's picture

If you preordered the cd/laminate. The code came in your email before your cd did...Mine came on May 30th. It is from and subject is your disturbed access code...hope that helps..look back through your mail!

Justintime1980's picture

cant find the code anywhere .. any ideas ? i havent recieved an email with one

austingal76's picture

After much waiting and emailing, I finally received my CD/DVD that I ordered back in April; however, no promo/access code. So, I emailed Warner Brothers and they put me in contact with the warner bros fanclub -- who sent me a replacement code today. I RSVP'd and Emailed Spoox... so wish me luck as I will be attending the show Saturday outside of San Antonio! So, I am hoping that I don't get the same response other fellow Disturbed lovers did and say that I just have a cool useless laminate lol If you need it, the email I used to request my replacement promo/access code is Hope this helps someobody ;-)


Justintime1980's picture

how the hell do we get in the VIP there is no button for me to click....this shouldnt be this hard to find

captainwinters's picture

Well its because you did not enter your "Inside the Fire" code yet, therefore you cannot send Spoox a message.


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I.. like the rest of you bought my cd and one of the reasons was the special access code I was suppose to get for the Mayhem Tour Rosckstar Lounge. I am going to the Denver show today. I logged into this site back in May when I bought my cd and it has nothing on this site to say anything... I finally looked in here today and see crap like message me on the message link... well maybe these old eyes are blind but I dont' see any message link!!
We should have been emailed something to respond to not having to look on a stupid webpage on a daily basis to see what to do. I am demanding a refund on the extra cost that I spent on this cd due to their unorganization to put this event together.
I am very Disturbed by this

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I'm josh goodson, im going to be at the aug. 12th party, i didnt have any idea of what to do so thats why im late on sending this to you. my e-mail is Sry to be an inconvience.

pj_stemarie's picture

Hey im going to the august 8 in toronto my name is Paul Ste Marie.. i bought the limited ediotion indestridle tcd/dvd off the internet but didn't get the code for the access stuff.. but i do have the laminate. my e-mail thx

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well i am going the one in houston......if they are stupid then thats there fault......i will have a phone number to call and i will either just walk in or they will have a problem......cuz i didnt waste my time doing all this stuff for yea........


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I attended the Show July 14th at sleeptrain. When I went to will call and asked about the vip party and showed them the laminate they had no idea what I was talking about. Every employee I talked to didnt have a clue. Went to the VIP section and they said it was for season ticket holders only. They said I just had a cool looking laminate and it was useless.

ripper666's picture

Yeah, I had the same problem @ the same show.

jReOnCnKy's picture

Hey Spoox. I'm going to the Pittsburgh Post Gazette Show in Pittsburgh on August 2. I'm sorry I couldn't RSVP before the deadline for the VIP party, but I just received my CD yesterday when I purchased it back on June 15 and waited till July 10 for WB to send me my copy. If there is still a chance to get my name on the VIP list, I would appreciate it. My real name is Jennifer Suitor and if this helps my email is Sorry if this causes any problems.
Also, I'm experiencing some trouble in locating my promotion code to go "inside the fire." If you could possibly tell me where I can locate that, that would be great! Thanks again and sorry for any inconveniences.

theDISTURBEDcomedian's picture


mannn, i didnt even know where to find my code, i just bearly got it and my citys concert already past, DAM, well at least i got to see disturbed play, IT WAS FREAKIN' AWESOM!!!