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  • VIP party goers

    Hey guys,
    there seems to be some confusion about what to do when getting to the will call aka the ticket counter. You have to tell them that you are on the VIP list and give them your name. They will ask for your I.D. so bring one. Drivers License, School I.D., Passport etc will work.
    Also please remember that this is a VIP (Very Important Person) party and not a band meet & greet! Although anything can happen at a VIP party.


    Posted 2008-07-17 03:16
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on July 17, 2008

Hey guys,
there seems to be some confusion about what to do when getting to the will call aka the ticket counter. You have to tell them that you are on the VIP list and give them your name. They will ask for your I.D. so bring one. Drivers License, School I.D., Passport etc will work.
Also please remember that this is a VIP (Very Important Person) party and not a band meet & greet! Although anything can happen at a VIP party.



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I had the same experience, Dallas July 25. My wrist band got nothing at all, my bro and I were the only ones wearing them. We thought we got to go to a VIP lounge formerly called "The Icehouse" at center, because we thought we were supposed to be able to sit someplace cool. No! It was hotter in the "lounge" we were in than it was out on the lawn! The people at the Icehouse (or whatever they're calling it these days) turned us away like beggars at The Ritz. Embarrassing!

I went back to will call and started to moan about it but the girl (either an asshole by nature or she was just sick of people like me) said "there are A LOT of disappointed Disturbed fans here tonight" and turned her back on me.

Great show though...the guys were tight. I was pretty disappointed in the party, but no biggie, the music made up for it.

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Yep got our wrist bands for the VIP party at the VA Beach show and it turned out to be a pretty wrist band that got you NOTHING AT ALL! We asked everyone that we saw that worked there from the Live Nation people to sound check people, you name them, we asked them, and not one of them knew what the wrist band was for. I was a lot disappointed in that. Disturbed was great always. Just be perpared if you think that pretty wrist band means anything.

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Would have been great to be given this information when I actually needed it. It would have been a lot less dissapointing when VIP turned into anyone who wants an energy drink. I swear, no one in the tent but me actually had a wrist band.

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Where do i go to register my pass?

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Spoox! Please respond with an email to me at! i have my Code and im going to the Tinley Park Mayhem! Please help me out here man I GOTTA GET ON THIS LIST

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The deadlines to RSVP have already passed, sorry


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same question. but is there VIP in aust

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I just got my tickets for England dates in OCT.
Is there gonna be any meets or party type things for the UK fans?
If so please, please, mega please let me know???

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hey guys can someone please help me i have a promtioonal code to get into the vip lounge but it aint working. any suggestions??

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thats because the deadline to rsvp was july 1 i believe, regardless of the date it is to late to rsvp for the vip.


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"Live for nothing, or die for something"

To anyone who thinks that all that Disturbed cares about is the money can shove it up their ass. They have always been very involved with their fans and yes I understand why it would be dissapointing to not get to meet them becuase of how amazing they are. If you're loyal then you won't complain if your whole concert experience didn't go the way you wanted it. Just being there to hear them play and see them rock is a great experience. They aren't sell outs and no one should ever call them that.

P.S. My brothers my sisters my blood does get the crowd pumped but if you don't feel a connection when David says it then...don't go to the concerts.
You also shouldn't go if you think they are sellouts.

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Disturbed is striaght BS. MONEY MONEY MONEY. Look when I pre ordered the CD it said one thing. Then it suddenly changed. You know why. Because everyone I know who has met dave says the same thing. ASSHOLE. Period

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"Live for nothing, or die for something"

You don't like them then stop talking shit and get off their fan site. Every band has to make money no shit. And I'm sure that your friends definately had a long sit down with David and got to know him oh so well. Stop bitching about the VIP thing, everyone else is mad about it, but that's not Disturbed's fault. They can't always meet people and take time to see fans. But they sure as hell try and have always been more involved with their fans than any other band that I've seen. Plain and simple you can either suck it up and realize that everyone else (including me) is mad about the the VIP thing and not talk shit about Disturbed becuase of it, or you can get the fuck off their site. Either way don't blame them for something that wasn't their fault.

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The limited amount of spots kinda sucks....these were taken WAY early for the pittsburgh show. I paid the $30 last year for the official disturbed fan club and there wasn't a single hello all year from the band.

Still love the music but to everyone out there....this band and every other is interested in the money we spend on tickets and cd's....they're in it to make money and that's what they need the fans for, meet and greets and all that crap is just to keep up brothers, my sisters, my blood is a way to get the crowd pumped...don't read anything more into than that.

Disturbed rocks live and it is a GREAT time and well worth the money spent...don't get too caught up the hipe of "meeting" the band, what would you really say anyway...hey guys you they haven't already heard that a million times.

go to the concert, rock your asses off...the band will know you love them from that.

See you in Pittsburgh next weekend!

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i think the cofusion stems from. "hang out with disturbed before the show" which i saw during the registration process and all that... its pretty lame to find out i won't actually get to meet them, but it'll still be kickass to see them live.

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That's wat i mean! It said "preshow party" and "hangout with disturbed before the show", it wouldn't be so bad if they had at least cleared that part up BEFORE people went to the concert thinking they would get to meet them! And the fact that when u go to get the VIP passes and the people there have no idea wat VIP thing u're talking about is just a LITTLE unsettling!

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can anyone provide me with a link to anything posted by an official spokesperson about this pre-party and meeting Disturbed?


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i saw that too, thats why i thought they'd at least be by to say hi or something. im still psyched to go and will keep my eyes open for ne of em hanging around. hopefully ill have some good luck! but...still a teeny bit sad



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To find VIP on tour..find your concert and click on more info...if there is a space open click on it and fill out your info...if there isn't a space then you can't get in...There are only 30 spots per show!

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The deadline to RSVP was July 1st


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do you have VIP tickets for the richo may26 show???

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I've been searching the website for a while and cannot find where to register for the VIP lounge. HELP!!!

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Also, you had to buy the Limited Edition of Indestructible, you would have gotten an email with a code to access this feature, if not, then you cannot do it.

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its way too late for that. the last day to register was July 1st and spoox had to have confirmations by the 15th. sry dude. if u read more the sire u would have known that



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Ok, before I begin I have a few things to say.
1. Disturbed put on a show that was nothing short of amazing.
2. I don't blame Spoox because she can't have all the details for each event.
And now it's time to let a little bit out in (hopefully) a civilized manner. My problem is with Mayhem Festival itself. I arrived at the will call at 1:00 PM and got my VIP wristbands. I then asked if the party would be an all day event (Just to back up what was said here). The woman behind the counter confirmed this and I left because I didn't want to stay through the whole day when I can't leave once I've entered. My original plan was to arrive at 1:00, pick up the passes, leave, and then return at 5:00 to go to the VIP party until DragonForce got on stage. Unfortunately this didn't work out.
Now before I talk about my personal experience let me talk about the horrible lack of organization at Fiddler's Green or perhaps Mayhem itself. People who had preordered tickets and received them in the mail had sometimes gotten either a red or blue wristband which allowed them to pass the line and get in early. Too bad for them, because only the reds were announced as line jumpers while you had to pretty much enter the damn place before anyone would tell you that the blues did the same.
Now for my tale. I came back at five with my VIP wristband and got inside Fiddler's Green no problem. I then asked around to find out where the VIP party was. Too bad no one in the whole goddamn amphitheater knew! I asked around and was continually redirected until someone finally showed me the guest services booth. I went inside and asked the people within if they knew where the party was held. Unfortunately they didn't work there and were only there to get out of the shade. When asked where the actual workers were they simply shrugged. An hour and a half passed before someone finally showed me where the VIP lounge was and then once I asked a worker there where the party was I received this as an answer, "Wasn't that over a long time ago? Hey where do the red sparkles go?"
"That ended hours ago."
Such joy. I had been continually told that it was an all day event, no one knew where it was, and finally when I got there the party had ended. I am not disappointed in Disturbed, but rather in Fiddler's Green and Mayhem Fest and their lack of organization.

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the new shit is sick as fuck !!! keep it up guys

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Being a "veteran" of these events, I can make a good suggestion: Go to the buses, after the show. The guys are really very good about trying to meet fans, & give autographs, BUT...
This is not always a given. You must understand that they have schedules to attend to, and are not always available.
Be patient, my loves...

Never Slow Down, Never Grow Old...

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I have a question for you, so to get the VIP area, we have to show the will call an ID of ourselfs? Well here is my problem, -_-, I'm 14. In Kansas they don't give you school ID's till you get to Highschool which I'll be a Freshmen in August, and Drivers license? I don't have my permit yet so that option goes out of the window sense my concert is on Tuesday.

Any suggestions of what I should do?

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You can get your parents to take you to the DMV and get just an I.D. Card for like 10 bucks I think.