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"The Sickness" 10th Anniversary Limited Edition- On Sale at Target


  • "The Sickness" 10th Anniversary Limited Edition- On Sale at Target

    The Sickness 10th anniversary limited cd edition, out now for only $8.99 at Target (sale price valid through this Saturday)

    Posted 2010-03-24 13:46
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on March 24, 2010

The Sickness 10th anniversary limited cd edition, out now for only $8.99 at Target (sale price valid through this Saturday)


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There are only two true actions; living and dying. The rest are just details.

Thank God the price dropped! I have been wanting to buy this FOREVER, (well actually since the first second I realized it existed...) Now that it's cheaper, a poor chick like me can finally get a hold of the Sickness that started it all... in a revised version, that is.

Thank you for posting this! (How do you people find this stuff out?)

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I ordered this album over 2 months ago from this web sight and received an email that said it was out of stock. Does anyone know when this CD is going to be back in stock?

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I got this at Best Buy..... for $3 more. I guess I got ripped off, but I tend to get things for full price when they come out. Oh well, it was worth it!

Kai Steel Smith
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I love the front cover to this and the music being remastered makes it even better The Sickness Kicks Ass


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I heard if you bought the LE of Indestructible, you could still get into this w/o getting decade of disturbed cd. However, when I got the Indestructible special edition, the code was not in it. I had to talk to you guys to get a code. Now it keeps prompting me for the code in the DOD section. Whats the deal?
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And I'll never come to know why,
I woke to dscover
You leaving me now!"

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i would buy it but we dont have a target around were i live and they dont sell DISTURBED cds at our wal mart i was suprised to find TEN THOUSAND FISTS and BELIEVE there. but im still looking for all the cds i can find.

"Sweet shadow taking hold of the light
Another day has been devoured
Calling me away, begging the question

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I bought it yesterday, it's an amazing album!

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Is the promo code you get when you order DoD used for ticket presale?