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Fan Photo by NIGHT


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on August 23, 2010
Check out this week's featured photo by NIGHT. Login and upload a photo for a chance to get featured!


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You said you wanted to break into the South American market! Viña del Mar International Festival (El Festival Internacional de Viña del Mar) is your key to breaking into that audience! Just ask your other metal friends (Metallica, etc). Start getting ready to make a stellar presentation in La Quinta Vergara's stage in March 2011! If they haven't contacted you already, contact me! Keep on rocking. You ROCKMET!
Perhaps, it's unlikely that you will contact me but DO please contact the producer of this festival. I know my people and I know you'll make it big there as well. Bring your gift to South America! I'll keep bugging you until I learn that you've made it there! See ya in Tempe next weekend!

batboy's picture

My wife just supprised me and brought home Asylum. I'm not even half way through the CD and I can't belived how you can keep your sound so fresh. I got chills with "the Infection". What an amazing use of harmony. I look forward to another decade of Distrubed!

Indestructible in the Asylum's picture

So he was really pointing right at you? cool

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What is the scheduled date for the pre-ordered cd/dvds to be shipped out? I'm travelling out of state (for a week) the first weekend in September and would really like to have it to listen to during my travels!!!