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Sydney, Australia


Sydney, Australia
Sydney, Australia
Acer Arena
Mon, 2011-04-25
April 25, 2011


metalmnzt's picture

this concert was my first ever international concert and I enjoyed it a lot!! IT was amazing guys U rock!!

sulstar's picture

2 nights to go... I've been waiting many weeks for this ... I agree regards to the bands line up. I'm really looking forward to Trivium as well. I echo James thoughts re ANZAC DAY bass solo of the Last Post would be cool... but not expected of course.. a mention of the day would be nice I guess.. wow what a night in store for us all

KAL EL I982's picture

Like chopper i'd like to see ya's in a meet and greet, i'd love to get all my album's signed, is there any way of finding out if you's are doing a meet and greet?

Jamesdobrincic's picture

Anyone realise this is on ANZAC Day!!

WHAT AN ANZAC DAY! I hope they make some sort of speech about our tradition :D

Manic Metalhead's picture

soo freaking keen for the concert!!! id pay 100 bucks each to see trivium, as i lay dying, and most of all Disturbed!! so to see all three at one gig is just insane!!

i got a disturbed tattoo for the occassion, check out my page and rate my photos :D

AadvarK's picture

is this an 18+ event?

acem023's picture

this will be my first disturbed concert and can not wait to go iam already losing sleep over the fact.

Jamesdobrincic's picture

What a way to spend ANZAC Day!! Seeing THE best band in the world!!!
My first Disturbed concert and im goin with 2 of my mates, got our tix real early so theyr nice and close!


MeghanChristina's picture

AS IF! I was pissed I had to miss the Toronto show cos I'm in Australia, And they're playing here while I'm here?! FUCK YES!
How the hell do you get tickets??
Problem that I don't know anyone here or if anyone I work with likes them...

DJWOLF's picture

excellent love the atmosphere you guys create when your here 3rd show I've seen of yours can't wait

carladal's picture

This is good news, perfect timing for our visit there, we will watch for sure! Can’t wait to see you David.

Adam @ the portable dvd player site"

Disturbed Daily's picture

Can't wait to go ballistic! Coming from Canberra, anyone else from down here going?

Leonoran's picture

woot finally

KAL EL I982's picture

Dave, Dan, Mike & John all i can say is thank's for some amazing music its helped me through some hard times and i can't wait to see ya's in Sydney, much respect to ya guy's.

Dave_Rocks's picture

Woo my second Disturbed concert can't wait!! Dave you are amazing!

danni's picture

Im on the floooor!!! yay!!! be my third disturbed night!! don't suppose there's a meetngreet???

Jamesdobrincic's picture


I get the day off of School just to book these at 9AM! XD!!

Cant wait!!!

I really wanna meet the band tho =/

johnhasthesickness's picture

I really need to get tickets... can't wait for this

Novas's picture

Awsome. = ]

SPITHON's picture

When will we be hearing some Asylum live... i love every song but i cant wait to hear Serpentine live...
Anyway, how do you get tickets...

Clay's picture

Guys keep in mind that I would pay in excess of $5000 to meet you guys back stage any chance of releasing passes? My god... I would sell my house to meet you guys

chopper's picture

Can we sign up for a meet & greet? Would be awesome to meet you guys!

Clay's picture

Hope they brng back dropping plates.... That was epic...

Skelly's picture

how do i get tickets to this??????

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