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Fayetteville, NC


Fayetteville, NC
Fayetteville, NC
Crown Coliseum
Wed, 2011-02-02
February 02, 2011


dmoody0403's picture

AMAZING show! You guys were awesome! Can't wait to see you when you come back to Raleigh in August. We - are - DISTURBED!

ishybutterfly's picture

I'm headed from CT to Atlantic City to see Disturbed for the Jan 30th show. 1 week after my 38th birthday...Happy Birthday to me!!

too_disturbed's picture

I tried buying tickets to Fayetteville at 1pm on Saturday when they were released, and the site said there were no floor tickets.

So I bought some at a different venue only to find out Sunday that faytteville still had tickets.

Now I have to drive further to see Disturbed and spend way more money. :(

starfromhell's picture

Looking forward to this show, the last time you were in Fayetteville you were amazing!!!!

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