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Hershey, PA


Hershey, PA
Hershey, PA
Giant Center
Tue, 2011-01-18
January 18, 2011


Brialyn's picture

Awesome show..especially when David called who ever out..I just want to say thanx for my last concert. There are only 2 people I would stand and freeze my ass off for Disturbed and Ozzy. Again thank you The old lady in the front row

JessiSky's picture

Kickass show!!! Agreed with Tazrob....glad David called him out lmao.

tazrob's picture

AWESOME SHOW!!!!! screw the jackwagon with the cell

stephenbumblebee's picture

This is gonna be my 4th disturbed concert... Mayhem Fest in Bristol VA, MAAW 4 at State College PA, drove 6 hours to Saratoga Springs NY to see them with avenged and stone sour, and finally this one! I caught mike's stick in NY and got to the front row everytime! after losing my girlfriend after she cheated and had sex with my friend after our 2 year relationship, i'm so glad i have this concert to flip the **** out and release everything i got inside me. Get ready Dave, im a 16 year old crazy dude and i promise you'll hear me at some point in the night from the front row!

-Stephen Ernharth


I've seen Disturbed twice so far. The first time (Scranton, Pa) I was fortunate enough to get autographs from everyone but David :( I'm wondering if they ever do backstage passes or something like that? This will be my 3 oldest children's second Disturbed concert and my 6 year old's FIRST!! I'd love to see if they could meet the band! This concert is the only thing that my four children (ages 15 to 6 y/o) want for the Holidays! \\m//

misty2406's picture

Maybe a dumb question, but have any of you ever been to any concerts at Giant Center. I have been there, but only for Bears games. When I go on Giant Center's website, it says General Admission Seating, and on Ticketmaster, it doesn't show the seating chart. Do you still get to pick which section/row you want? Or is it first come, first served? Thanks! \\m//

DanDonegan1's picture

Fuck yeah!! Finally! =D Scranton is way to far for me to drive yet. I'm so glad their finally coming to hershey. =)

chrkut's picture

Heck yeah, I'm going. Most bands skip over Hershey. Glad two of my favorites are finally coming close!

splicer407's picture

Hell yes! I can make it to this one!!!

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