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Uncasville, CT


Uncasville, CT
Uncasville, CT
Mohegan Sun Arena
Fri, 2011-01-28
January 28, 2011


Mz_Draiman's picture

3 Hours Away From where i live.. i havee to get tickets!!! >.<

buctrk's picture

I had pit tickets at the Oakdale, cant imagine where i will be now. But on the bright side, I WIILLLLL BEEE AT DIIISSTUUURRBBBEEDDDDDD!!!!!!!!!! WAHOOOOOOOOO

sickman's picture

Man this is gonna be a great show. Sevendust and Korn would have been good but to add DISTURBED to this, holy shit this show will kick ass. Was pretty bummed about the Oakdale. Had first row tix center section behind the pit. Hopefully a presale comes along for this show.

disturbed123494's picture

shit i work there and yall are my fav. band kick ass

IreneL415's picture

I *had* good seats to the one at the Oakdale...I'm more than thrilled David's voice is back on track, but MAN I'm pissed we didn't get to see them in I'll probably get seats near the last 5 rows of the arena..IF I can get tickets at all..aaarrrrggghhhh :(

laurieann131313's picture

at the sun

XWeaponX666's picture

cant wait getting good seats to this one

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