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Glens Falls, NY


Glens Falls, NY
Glens Falls, NY
Glens Falls Civic Center
Sun, 2011-01-23
January 23, 2011
Glens Falls


rehn66's picture

Ill be there!! 8 1/2 months pregnant... But I will be there!!! Thats some dedication! Ive already seen them 6 times now!! Ill be damned if im gonna miss this one!

JayMan159's picture

I Better Be able to go!!! I might have to kill someone if i cant!!!

JayMan159's picture

I Better Be able to go!!! I might have to kill someone if i cant!!!

zeppelin1978's picture

is anyone going from around poughkeepsie, kingston, new paltz area? want so badly to go but have no way to get there. if you can help, maybe we can work something out. email me at distrbd1atheart @ gmail. thanks

LisaLips's picture

Been waiting for Disturbed to come around for a while. saw them in worcestor, MA years ago. My boyfriend and I are huge fans. From Providence. Mohegan seems to be holding back on tix and are basically sold out. So, ROAD TRIP!!! Glens Falls is only a few hours away and it's on a Sunday. We can take our leisurely time. So, glad there were a few close venues. My guy would have died if we didn't make this. Just printed out my tix!!!! Can't wait.

zeppelin1978's picture

would be an awesome birthday present, disturbed AND korn!!! my two favorite bands in the world. i almost f***ing fainted when i heard about it. would love for another chance for a meet and greet. especially if i got the chance to meet john davis too. this show is gaurenteed to rock.

DaSaint1's picture

I'm there with f%#kin bells on my friends and my only Christmas wish is a chance for a meet and greet. I'm a Monster (excuse the sponsor reference) Disturbed fan and have seen you guys everytime you've come to the area. I'd do pretty much anything for a chance to meet the torch carriers of todays music. I'm an aspiring vocalist and would even sing in front of the whole crowd at the show for a chance to meet Disturbed (just an idea). I'm bringing my nephew to the show as well, doing my part in passing the torch. Until then have great tour, my straightjacket is on, and I'll see you stageside at the show.

Ipookorn's picture

Can't Wait! 2nd Time in 5 months we get to see Disturbed! One of the BEST bands to see live!!! Great Audience Participation Music

batty666's picture

hell to the yeah! we will be there \M/

DarkKoran94's picture

Can't wait for the show, me and so many of my friends are going =D

laurieann131313's picture

i shall be there

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