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Bloomington, IL


Bloomington, IL
Bloomington, IL
US Cellular Coliseum
Fri, 2011-01-14
January 14, 2011


zacrathedemon5's picture

I was here; great performance by you guys! You were by far the best ones there!

Paulasue's picture

Best show ever ! Please come back to bloomington soon !!

firehawk905's picture

Taking a train from Detroit because I REFUSE to miss Weapon 5.

9 hours there and back is so worth it!!

Bwade34's picture

Goin to be the third time ive seen u guys with my dad in the past 4 years. first in cedar rapids IA, second in peoria IL. You guys are the best and it was awesome for my dad and I even though it was only a few seconds to be in your DVD that came with the Asylum CD. I m really looking forward to the Bloomington Concert.
And were driving from East galesburg IL

dwkillzone's picture

Saw you guys at Uproar fest. Im counting down the days till the concert.

violentfetish768's picture

SOOOO excited bout see you again!! driving 3 hours just for you!! saw you in peoria illinois in 06, just hope no one throws a shoe at you this time.

frizzlefry's picture

It would be sweet if you and Korn swung by Detroit or Grand Rapids, MI before this show ! There's gotta be a way to squeeze us in !

meiach69's picture

Cant Wait 1st time seeing you live... 2nd time for Korn.... Gonna Be A KICK ASS SHOW...... 2 Favorite bands on the same stage hour and a half from my house is bad ass

wildvampyress's picture

Worth the trip from Wisconsin....

Kms0290's picture

Driving all the way from Tipton IN to see this, my 2 favorite bands on the same stage, Disturbed and Korn, I couldn't ask for anything better before I ship off to the Navy!!

melnecky's picture

Excited that you'll be so close!! Can't wait!!

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