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Las Cruces, NM


Las Cruces, NM
Las Cruces, NM
NMSU Pan American Center
Wed, 2011-03-09
March 09, 2011
Las Cruces


disturbedangel08's picture

Once again, I will be journeying to see Disturbed. September was Denver, and now Las Cruces!! I have my tickets and am only waiting for the day to purchase more tickets once again in July!!! I CAN'T WAIT!!!!

DstrbdDvoT's picture

Just got my tickets!!!
Great lineup. Can't wait!

Disturbed Bigfoot's picture

YEEEEEEAAAAAAAH!!!!!!!! Disturbed is finally coming to New Mexico!!!!! Can't wait to go!!!

lisamasters3's picture

I was thrilled to see Las Cruces added to the tour! Thoroughly excited and can't wait for this show.

jpwelker13's picture

TOTALLY CANT WAIT i would of never expected such an amazin lineup comin this close to el paso this shiz will be AMAZING!!!

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