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Lubbock, TX


Lubbock, TX
Lubbock, TX
Fairpark Coliseum
Sat, 2011-03-05
March 05, 2011


Edwardo Fleck's picture

i went to the same high school as these fact dwayne wade was also at the our high school around the same time

Donny Ringold's picture

The band is great...The concert was legit!!!! I went insane love my rocker ppl! ocoee rafting

pauleneoakden's picture

Already got my ticket too! Can´t wait for them!!!
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pandawill's picture

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craigstanback's picture

It was an amazing show at Fairpark Coliseum , we all friends had a great time, looking forward for more such concert's to have loads of blast.
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pandawill's picture

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erinstenback's picture

the show was just rocking you guys just rocks , it was an amazing concert , i enjoyed it very much , you guys are the best.
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Inkslayer's picture

This show was SICK!!! Waited 5yrs to see these guys live and they did not disappoint! Keep rocking

knil117's picture

You guys kicked ass, proving that music really IS a weapon. "We are Disturbed..."

Angelina913's picture

I have 2 extra tickets when the show changed dates lost 2 people 440-787-4872

white_tiger8158's picture

Im from Clovis,NM and going 2 Lubbock,TX 2 c them for the first time ever. Love U David

a1b2c64's picture

Anybody selling 2 tickets to this show?

cutiekitty463's picture

I have 1 TICKET FOR SALE for the event in LUBBOCK,TX due to the change in date I now cannot go. If anyone is interested please txt or call at 432 816 7562 thxs!

asm45678's picture

Everyone from Lubbock, concert is postponed until march 5th!!! :(

tatman79096's picture

What is the address to fairpark coliseum I am from out of town and the stupid map sites found two addresses and they both say the show is at each place. Where the hell is this place? It cant be at two places at once!

haunted by the sickness's picture

why are there no dates for florida??????

DarkRulerKida's picture

Wait..there is no Saturday the 12th in february! O_o....

ashleystapleton's picture

hell yea this is my first ever concert in Lubbock, TX!!!! hell yea cant wait till then. already got my tickets!!

Paul08's picture

On February 12th, lubbock Texas becomes DISTURBED. Finally, after 5 yrs I get to see them again. "We are DISTURBED! We are DISTURBED! We all are DISTURBED!!!"

lil killa's picture

Man 4 david draimans sake I shure hope they have security kuz ima b so.excited to.see them I might jump on stage and kiss that bald head of his plz go and sign autographs at guitar center pl lz

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mattlbk806's picture

Yall guys are the greatest band EVER!!! Cant wait to see yall kill the stage in person!!!

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