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Cedar Rapids, IA


Cedar Rapids, IA
Cedar Rapids, IA
US Cellular Arena
Fri, 2011-03-25
March 25, 2011
Cedar Rapids


katie.'s picture

a meet up would be cool. hit me up? i'll give ya contact info if ya want.

disturbed1fanatic08's picture

Cant wait!!! Will be my 5th music as a weapon and 7th time seeing Disturbed!!! You guys rock!

snake9110's picture

im going and taking a few more people with me!

katie.'s picture

Saw you guys in Des Moines && I can't wait for 3/25 to see you again! Love the show. Music as a Weapon is perfect this year! <3

jumbo79's picture

Hey haunted.....they were just there last year in Tampa....april i think, my son went to see them there.

haunted by the sickness's picture

why are there no dates for florida?????? don't forget about florida!!! i've been waiting for Music As A Weapon V for forever.

SteveoZilcho's picture

This will be my third Disturbed concert in the last two years Hell yeah

David carrasco's picture

Can t wait too see sevendust.

Hawkeyes2187's picture

See you there homie!!!! Disturbed is the SHIT!!! and korn and sevendust but im going to see distubed there the shit peace bitch what mutha fucka

mobhistory's picture


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