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Norfolk, VA


Norfolk, VA
Norfolk, VA
Constant Convocation Center
Tue, 2011-01-25
January 25, 2011


Yankee-Jetfan2004's picture

Saw them at Monmouth University and House of Blues, don't play the three songs you listed. But they rocked!!

acroha's picture

hey ...i just want to know if they play enough or deceiver or crucefied..........if they do play one of this song i will like to go....p;ease let me know i need to buy tickets tmorrow if they play those........thanks for u time

steven_sholar's picture

Thank you Disturbed for that concert, It was amazing. I was front and center singin every word to every song yall played. loved the video display with the screens in the back.... and that remnants to asylum intro sent chills down my spine. that was sick! please come to VA on your next tour and i will be front and center again!!!

TheGr1mReap3r's picture

been waiting for a couple of years to be able to go to one of these.... BOUT TIME!!!!!!!!

disturbedbchgrl's picture

4 tickets for 200. are they still available?

too_disturbed's picture

I have 4 tickets to Norfolk VA that I'd like to sell for 200 dollars.

I bought these thinking a closer venue was sold out, but it wasn't.

So now i'd like to save myself the drive time and whatnot.


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