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Mansfield, MA


Mansfield, MA
Mansfield, MA
Comcast Center
Fri, 2011-07-22
July 22, 2011


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mp09's picture

I wanna go so much with my bf but i cant find tickets. i want to go to the mansfield showing cuz i live in whitman. i need to go cuz my brothers been to a concert before. i need to see for myself.

reggorf's picture

call venue directly you can always get VIP no always better thou.... july not getting here fast enough can't wait to have whiplash 4 weeks!!!

Outlier's picture

How do you get VIP tickets? oh, i see they are going to be included in the presale.

reggorf's picture

found tickets thanks for input ...I've never been to this venue and am slightly disabled use cane to walk getting vip seats 4 sure just wondering if any advice on keepin safe when i go place has terrible reviews is Hartford,CT a better venue ???? pls looking 4 great time

asylum14's picture

whos gonna be playing with them there?

Outlier's picture

Just keep checking back. Typically they will go on sale about 2-3 months prior to the show date so anytime now. You can also check the ticket agency websites to see when tickets will be going on sale for certain events as well. Sorry that I don't have an exact date for you, but i'll do some research and see what I can find.

Also, if any fans want to meet up at the MA or CT show and have some beers feel free to shoot me an email at

reggorf's picture

can anyone give me idea on when able to buy tickets neither Mansfield ,Ma or Hartford ,Ct have them in the line up of up coming shows???? dying to see them never been to either and love both!!!

debrusid's picture

definitely going

Outlier's picture

tickets are very fair priced - maybe 30-60 bucks?

hauntedbyyourworld's picture

fucking disturbed at mayhem fest!!!! yeah i cant wait guys, headlining for the second time yeah cant wait too see you there

fluffy13666's picture

does anyone know how much a ticket will cost so i can start saving up for it

laurieann131313's picture

after the 3 maaw5 shows.....i can't friggin wait for this

Outlier's picture

I went to the Mayhem Festival at the comcast center a few years back or so. they had a lot of great bands playing and the venue is enormous so no concerns there. Saw Disturbed last week at Mohegan Sun in Connecticut and then the next night in Portland ME. The show in Portland was absolutely insane... anyone living even remotely close to the comcast center should go... the venue is amazing. you can't miss out on this tour it is absolutely insane.

sillyrabbit's picture

they add additional stages on the grounds

Bigjcote's picture

anyone else concerned on how this is gonna work? Comcast center only has one stage, a bit difficult to hold a 3 stage show

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