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McAllen, TX


McAllen, TX
McAllen, TX
McAllen Convention Center
Sun, 2011-03-06
March 06, 2011


Archangel7's picture

This was a great fucking show....

pandawill's picture

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neel's picture

The last time Disturbed came to Mcallen, I actually got to meet and greet.

samo's picture

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asshly16's picture


Dude...I am going to mosh so hard on Sunday! Thank you guys so much for coming to small town Texas! I had tix to see you guys in the Alamodome, but unfortunately it didn't work out. Can't tell you how happy my bro and I are to see y'all while you're here, I know this show will rock more than the Rockstar tour!

megapito's picture


I want Disturbed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW

megapito's picture

Holy fucking shit. disturbed+korn+sevendust= ufffffff i peed and pooped at the same time in my pants. this is gonna be fucking awesome UUU WAAa.AAAAaaaaaa!!!!! :D

earthbound311's picture

can't wait to see you guys!!!!

voodoo_daddy_2003's picture

Cannot wait, this will be my 4th Disturbed concert. Keep 'em coming.

voodoo_daddy_2003's picture

The last time Disturbed came to Mcallen, I actually got to meet and greet. The only downside is that I was waiting in line for about 7 hours (not for the meet and greet, but to first in line) But if anything comes up. Please post.

Disturbed_Sephiroth's picture

So is there gonna be a pre show party or meet and greet or something???

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