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Englewood, CO


Englewood, CO
Englewood, CO
Fiddler's Green Ampitheatre
Sun, 2011-07-17
July 17, 2011


Sampson89's picture

Oh that was a great festival! Amazing just!
I still keep my good memories about that event. Thanks for its organization!

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jasmine729's picture

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ESAINZ22's picture

Just got back from the concert in denver. It was friken awesome. My second time seeing disturbed and my second concert. It was kinda weird, they had the same exact set as the uproar festival.

jahira's picture

1 more day!!! So excited, got great seats. Hope we get some good weather, shows starting earlier, hope that means more Disturbed. Please next year can you play Red Rocks, everyone in Denver hates Comfort Dental amp.

redstorm83's picture

Got my ticket for the Denver show awhile back. Front row, so I'm pretty stoked about that. Perfect time to unwind after coming back from Afghanistan.

legalgirl1's picture

Got my tickets for the Denver show in July and cannot wait! Wish they were closer to the stage but they're not bad AND, I'm just happy to be able to go! See you all there!!

legalgirl1's picture

So tickets go on sale tomorrow morning for this show, does that mean no presale here? I'm a bit disturbed about this....

infernape255's picture

how much are tickets????????

legalgirl1's picture

Presale?! Regular tix go on sale next Friday the 15th of April so, if there is a presale how much earlier would they be available? Oh yea...and what's the code for this? :-)

TannaSage's picture

How the heck do you get access to the presale?!?! Is there a code? HELP! My husband is 90% blind so getting up close is very important, not just because we LOVE Disturbed. Ideas?

Disturbed Lepgirl's picture

Cannot wait to see this one. I went to last years and paid for the whole vip thing, but this year, with school and moving, I am a bit broke, so its the cheap seats for me:) I cannot wait though because no matter where you sit, the show is amazing!!!

DJXN's picture

Dear Disturbed,
I have not missed a concert of yours in Denver since 2004. Rain sun, snow, boot camp, illness, nothing has stopped me from coming. Sadly this year, my wedding takes precedence over the show on 7/17/11, I'd change it, but the Rabbi won't do the wedding on the Sabbath. So, I demand that you change the date of the concert! Or you know, rock this fucking town loud enough so that I can hear it, like always.

P.S. A text to my mobile wishing me a happy wedding on the day of the concert would be pretty cool too...just sayin!

Christie Conner's picture

My favorite song on the Asylum album is Warrior. I still can't wait to get the tickets for the July 17th show. I went to and it shows the tickets go on sale sometime in April. I want to get the tickets where Disturbed is the Headliner that night. So I'm hoping it will show when I buy the tickets. The first time I saw Disturbed was in 2001 at the Fillmore in Denver, then I saw them again at the mayhem festival in 2008 and again at the Fillmore in 2009 and I hope they play their again because that is the best place I have ever seen them, but I will be at the Mayhem fest again in July.

Christie Conner's picture

I'm so excited to see disturbed for the fourth time. I love their Asylum record. I'll be looking to see when the tickets go on sale. I'm there!

Viperz0014's picture

IM SO EXICTED! Cant wait to see them in concert!

dirtdart's picture

Same venue as last year.... Ticket horse doesn't have it on sale yet but I'm totally there again!!

janae_jaramillo91's picture

hells yes this will b my 2nd Disturbed concert! cant wait! the first 1 iwent to was back in 08 but iwas only 17yrs old n couldnt stay for all of it. but now ima b 20yrs old n im stayin for the whole dam thing lol

legalgirl1's picture

Right on! Can't wait to see my very 1st Disturbed show Yes, I'm a Disturbed virgin...nothing better than to experience my 1st in Denver this summer!

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