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Milan, Italy


Milan, Italy
Milan, Italy
Thu, 2011-06-09
June 09, 2011


Marina's picture

Oh man.... You guys are so lucky!!!
I want them in freakin' SERBIA!!!

witmann's picture

Disturbed was awesome , great track list and a great show as usual,moreover it was my B day so who could have wished for a better present?!!! but the sound quality was terrible! i could barely hear David while beeing several feet away from the stage. Was it the technical issue of the club , or the sound crew? i dont know , anyways that didnt spoil the event.

viscontino's picture

@urke_podgorica: 28,75 €

urke_podgorica's picture

can someone tell me how much is ticket ?

kymai's picture

GREAT! I have already bought the tickets

Maro's picture

ceeeeeee finalmente i Disturbed qui in italia!?! Non vedo l ora!!!

st4ck's picture

Quasi non ci credo ... mitici!!! Non vedo l'ora!!

lubos10's picture

siiiiiiiiiiiiii assolutamente presenteeeee

KoenigMark's picture

Non ci posso credere *_*

viscontino's picture

Non vedo l'oraaaaaaa!!

GodlikeRX's picture

Finally you come in Milan!!

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