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Nurnberg, Germany


Nurnberg, Germany
Nurnberg, Germany
Rock IM Park
Fri, 2011-06-03
June 03, 2011


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dear band,
this comment is by a fan from Germany who is interested in anti-Fascist politics. Therefore I really like the song "Never Again" on your new record "Asylum".
As far as you not know this, I would like to point to the fact that you will be playing on the so called "Zeppelinfeld" in Nürnberg.
This place was used as the central parade-ground in the 3rd Reich. So it took place that Adolf Hitler, who is also named in "Never Again", spoke to his people.
From the tribune he formed the "Nazi war machine" with his speakings.

On the strength of this it would be in your interest to play the song "Never Again" in Nürnberg.

Many thanks for your notice, if you noticed it (which I don't belive in, it maybe one in a million comments),

Yours respectfully,

one german fan

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