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Donington, UK


Donington, UK
Donington, UK
Download Festival
Sun, 2011-06-12
June 12, 2011


Yorkie Steve's picture

Download '11, The weather was cold, wet, and miserable, but Disturbed rocked as ever and the pit circle was mud mayhem. Cheers Guys \-/

cwrighty's picture

The tickets are not just for Disturbed, if you read where they are playing, its at Download festival which means you have to purchase a ticket for the festival, which is £190, for the whole 3 days plus early entry, or you can buy a day ticket just for the Sunday which is about £70/80 not sure. but you will see other bands on the same stage like linkin park and bowling for soup etc....

Any other questions?

gothicreaper1997's picture

How much are the tickets ?
I really wanna goo...

Davebloke's picture

Ooooh looks like i'm getting my ticket right the fuck away man.

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