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Canterbury, NZ


Canterbury, NZ
Canterbury, NZ
Canterbury Arena
Fri, 2011-05-06
May 06, 2011


Shaddowed's picture

Best concert I've been to (ever). I got Mikes stick and my friend got one of Dans picks. Haunted was the best song you guys played only because John played on the left side of the stage most of the time. Make sure you guys come again soon, All ready can't wait for the next tour!

jmonteath's picture

We drove up from Invercargill to see yiz. What A Show!!
I've loved your music since the sickness and I was fully blown away!
The stage show was unreal!!
The Game was the highlight for me.
Has anyone got the full setlist for the show? or know where I can find it? Please =))

kristyg's picture

Another awesome show, stoked to hear Liberate live, hoped for that last time. First time seeing Trivium for me, they definately have a new fan! Good on you guys for still heading over to perform, ChCh is so often missed & recent events gave every opportunity for a cancellation, we needed that break!!

jenandjayden's picture

Wow, the concert was awesome, Trivium was the shit and then we got disturbed.. Well worth the wait. Thank-you so much for coming to chch, its great to know at least some bands aren't too scared to come see us!

You rock!

LoadedAddict's picture

dunno dragonpup1 but i hope so!

dragonpup1's picture

is there a meet and greet?

LoadedAddict's picture

ITS TONIGHT!!!!!! Been waiting for this day for 5 MONTHS!!!!!!

frankthegeek's picture

They are here, meet them at the airport at 1pm. tmr is gonna rock, no mosh for me ... seated spot

LoadedAddict's picture

1 Fucken sleep!!!!!! CANT WAIT TO MOSH OUT!!!!!!

frankthegeek's picture

Oh its so close I cant wait should be able to have loads of fun I got lucky and I am sitting right in the middle lower level :)

LoadedAddict's picture

3 fucken sleeps OMG im so fucken excited!!!!

DisturbedChic29's picture

Only 4 sleeps until the best band in the world comes to Christchurch! I cant wait!!!! Have had my ticket for over 5 months now....Christchurch needs a good shake that doesnt come from under the ground!

chillieargo's picture

Seen disturbed last time and mainly went to see P.O.D but this time im going just for disturbed with my mate and its going to be kick arse. When they play down with the sickness i wanna see every1 around me in the mosh pit going crazy and putting all their energy into going nuts. OOWAHAWAHA

Ms KC's picture

so fuckin goin hope there are still tickets i cant buy mine til wednesday the day me key pays me lol
ima be a mess when i see ya' my first disturbed concert!!!!
ROCK THE FUCK ON!!!!! woop woop

lilatrix's picture

You are my sisters favorite band and she really would like to know if you are going to change the venue, seeing at the canterbury arena is apparently not suitable for use atm

big99end's picture

I can't believe you can come to Aus, NZ, and Russia and not even stop in Japan and think about all the service members stationed there!!! I am sure you could get a sold out venue in Japan with all of us stationed here!!!

simo84's picture

Are you guys still planning to rock Christchurch in May? I've bought my ticket and really hope you guys are still coming.

matthew515's picture

hey were coming from rotorua to see you and was making a big weekend trip down to christchurch centred around the concert for me and my partners two years of going out together! =D would love to hear from anyone who knows whether its still going ahead because weve booked tickets and plane tickets but no accomodation to date. waiting for more info!! the csb arena site said that they would be closed until at least today (15th march) but it hasnt been updated. wed be devistated to miss you guys on tour because we bought tickets for the wrong city!!!!!! lots of love to christchurch xxx i cant imagine what your going through and i feel really selfish for trying to organise the leisure of the concert while youre still rocking without any help!! (btw this is matts partner =P i have to point out its me cos i sound girly!!)

KoRntastic's picture

Hey David and crew would be good to know whether you guys are still coming Santana was meant to play on the 26th i think at CSB arena and he has cancelled....hope you guys still bring the sickness that is Disturbed God knows we need it!

kristyg's picture

We lost our house but made sure I got our tickets! Fingers crossed for no more quakes, sooo don't want this to be cancelled

welshe's picture

I hope they still be there after the quakes. Can't wait to see you for the 3rd time in Christchurch. The place always Rocks. :)

Is there oing to be a meet and greet. Would love to get my bass signed by you.

Littel ReD's picture

I really hope you guys are still getting your show, I'll be seeing them in Wellington. Seriously it was one of the first things I thought of when I heard about today's quake. I will be gutted for you if it's cancelled at a time like this you need Disturbed the most.Be safe. Be strong.

MyOnly_MyEverything's picture

Lol guttered.. Will they still be having the Concert in Chch if the Earthquakes/After shocks keep coming? I'm coming down from Hamilton to go to it!! Week off school man xP

uglykid10100's picture

Cant wait for this shit. Missed out last time cos I unfortunatlly had commiments a theatre production. Missed out the time before cos I was too poor and then missed out the time before that because I was too little haha. YOU HAVE EXPECTATIONS LADS!! This show has been years in the making for mehaha.

God Of The Night's picture

guys when are u planning on coming to Croatia? you was there (here ^^) in June of 2008 & 2009 and I was on both concerts and from then I've been waiting for u to come again (I tought u'll come in 2010 but noting :( ), please u have to come again, theres a crowd waiting for u here :D \m/(*_*)\m/

E i l i s h xD's picture

I reckon Disturbed should come to Dunedin! We have a fabulously ugly stadium for them! D; lol

grannie1's picture

My fab daughter is shouting me a ticket for my birthday. Rock on.. the second time I have seen them in Christchurch.
Love you my Jazz. x x x

Skulli's picture

early bday prezzie for me???HELL FUCKIN YEAH!!!!!! ill be there wit my party hat on :) you guys are awesome and im forever stoked and greatful you do the SI when everyone else doesnt bother.Shows who truely rocks \m/

kristyg's picture

I reckon first people to RSVP should get a meet & greet ;P Seriously, does nobody from ChCh log onto the official site?


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