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Interloken, Switzerland


Interloken, Switzerland
Interloken, Switzerland
Greenfield Festival
Fri, 2011-06-10
June 10, 2011


Sinis Devil's picture

I think like DeathTroy, Why they go to Switzerland or Milan but they don't come to Spain or France? It's Europe! I was waiting desperatly for the concert! =_(

DeathTroy's picture

Oh! I'm sorry "Dude"! When they come in europe for their show do you really believe they can't come in france? Dutchland and switzerland are behind of my country. Well, I'ts joke. Cancel for this reason is a joke. Before you speak, buy a map world.

And last thing. The Hellfest is the bigger metal fest in europe. 80.000 persons comes and so many are disapointed like me. All nationnality.
80.000 fist in the air...Now you, you can shut your mouth asshole.

LittleWildman's picture

Dude, keep your mouth shut. If they're not making a profit on the tour then they can't do it, dumbass.

DeathTroy's picture

That's great! Disturbed come in switzerland but not in france! Thanks for your comin at the Hellfest...You really sucks Disturbed! Your excuse is very bad! Price of gasoline!? It's a big joke!

A disapointed french.

AGrace's picture

it's called interlaken actually...
but it doesn't matter, as long as disturbed shows up, i don't care what it's called like, i'll go anyway!

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