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Warsaw, Poland


Warsaw, Poland
Warsaw, Poland
Mon, 2011-06-06
June 06, 2011


NikkyC's picture

I agree! The concert was f*****g amazing! I was in the first row! Thanks to Sevendust I was exhausted even before their show. But the moment they came out on the scene they gave so much power that I jumped and screamed like that for the first time in my life ;) Thank you for that. Love you guys! You're the best for me! DISTURBED for life!

Alex82's picture

The concert was fuckin' amazing!!!!! You guys rock!!!! I liked very much the intro "Remnants" and then right after that "Asylum" song!!! Also I liked your live performance of my favourite track "Stupify". Although I missed such songs as "Stricken" and "Voices".This show was simply my dream come true and I'm glad that I saw you live on stage. David you're a fuckin' great singer!!! Thank you for the unexpected encounter and a photo the day before your show!!! Sorry if I didn't do my utmost but I was a bit exhausted (because of Sevendust which was good). Next time you're in Poland I will do better. I really hope you won't forget about Poland next time you are in Europe. Looking forward to your next show!!!! WE ARE DISTURBED!!!!!!! ;)

Adam Kiernikovski's picture

I loved it. But god damn it, you said I could write you lyrics Draiman!

Fluy's picture

THANK U FOR COMING TO POLAND! It was awesome gig!

Xaero's picture

Two Words for you guys: Fucking Incredible! Honestly, i've been to many concerts, but this one was beyond my expectations. I'm truly sorry i couldnt do 150% (Too much energy used on Sevendust, which btw. for such a short setlist has taken the full crowd right into madness) there were moments where i couldn't breathe, because i was singing along, fighting the push from the crowd(i was in the 3rd front row) and jumping at the same time. Very nice setlist, although the people missed The night and stricken a bit (these songs should be played in every concert, they are beyond outstanding), Im truly hoping you will visit us soon on a bigger stage(many people didnt get the chance to buy tickets, since all have been sold out too quickly, which shows how many fans you've got down here in Poland), i will prepare myself more, and i'll perform even at 200% if necessary.

In short words - You are always welcome in Poland, and the next time we meet, we'll do our best to take the meaning of "Crowd madness" to another level.

KinoFMA's picture

Thank you sooooo MUCH DISTURBED for coming to Poland. Me and, I'm sure, a lot of other people present in Stodola had a whale of a time.

irnan's picture

When I've heard 10.000 Fists for the first time I immediately imagined the concert and all the audience lifting their fists in the air - and it happenned, it totally did!!!! Thank You guys so much, I will never forget it. And please come back soon, not in next 10 yers ;)

ewelina.kowalczyk7_1484's picture

You are OSOM !!!!
Thaks for a great time !!!!!

Anguisette's picture

Hmm... DAN;] You know, you're great! I love when you are on the stage and play that AMAZING MUSIC!

deli10's picture

Amazing Show! Amazing, Thank You Guys! :)

AgataT's picture

such a great start of the week :-)

Piterakles's picture

today is the concert ... it's my worst day in my life i can't go there. i hate this, but maybe next time i will be there

ewelina.kowalczyk7_1484's picture

It will be my first concert Disturbed :)))
I can't wait :D

kamilsnake's picture

why monday?

I must have two days off ; nearly 240 miles (350km) to get there from my hometown Wrocław, and road is in repair so it's one giant traffic jam:/

only way railroads:)
but I'll be there:D

PiNkA's picture

OMG and now I do not have here :(:(:( ...

Agatson's picture

I agree with Xaero ;) The Night would be lovely ;) and Never Again is important song for us too ;)

Xaero's picture

God damn i'm glad i bought the ticket at the very begining, all tickets are sold out now, and still massive amounts of people are eager to try to buy them. Hoping next time you'll pick a bigger place for a concert :)

as of the setlist - You have to play THE NIGHT - it's one of the Poland's favourite songs(and no, not only me, i've checked), also this could be your first oportunity to play Never Again, as i think no one understands the meaning of the song better then polish citizens.

paradiseeeo's picture

It would be great to hear for example Haunted in Warsaw. Counting days. We'll meet there. Mike Kapel.

deli10's picture

Concert SOLD OUT!!! :)

Volter's picture

Fuck;/ I can not go to Warsaw.grrr I hope if you will be next time In Poland i will go to your Concert:)btw You are AWESOME!!!!

Agatson's picture

Already bought tickets ;) and count days ;D

Piterakles's picture

This is awesome but my mother won't agree to let me alone to warsaw :( However i love you and i hope if you will be next time in poland i will can go :)

Have fun

Schedel's picture

Ha ha! Avesome! Now I hear this life! It sounds like hmmmmm .... Disturbed? I love u guys :D

TrebuH's picture

That's the best message in my life!! I love U!! I can't believe that it's true, but it is!!! I can't miss that concert!! Greetings from Poland!

Alex82's picture

It's just fuckin' awesome. Finally after so many years my favourite band is going to play in my hometown. At first when I heard the news I couldn't believe it. But now I just can't wait to see Disturbed !!! I'm so fuckin' gonna be there!!! This concert is my dream come true!!!! Thanks a lot guys!!!!! Oh yes!!! WE ARE DISTURBED!!!!!! :D

Kuzuki's picture

I'll be there !!!! Kur*a wrescie !!!

lupin's picture


I was crying!! I am MADLY in love with your music. It's become a soundtrack of my life.

The framed ticket is already hanging on my wall. Do not dare to call it off or I will come and kick your asses!! xd

FRANCOS's picture

Many thanks !

kromek15's picture

I just can't believe that is real. My dreams comes true \m/

Starrk's picture

Thank u so much


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