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Phoenix, AZ


Phoenix, AZ
Phoenix, AZ
Desert Sky Pavilion
Fri, 2011-07-15
July 15, 2011


Wilma's picture

well i didn't make it to the concert the last year
but i still hope i'll see them some day,
it's going to be something !
Wilma, an employee of " "

William Leo's picture

Your diverse output include works for large orchestras, onthebroadway chamber music, solo involved, vocal and choral, electroacoustic, and multimedia composition.

DisturbedZen's picture

I am homeless and jobless..stay in a shelter..but i will find a way to go! Im gonna donate plasma today!

deathdanny3's picture

YEA im going no matter what hope they play indestuctible

superhornet369's picture

yea that was a great and awesome show in tucson i will def try to go to the phx show hell yea one my fav concerts ever

jbaughn's picture

i agree with that i saw them here in tucson and i want to go c them again up there. they were feggin great!

dethlypancake's picture

I make almost nothing as a far as money, and NOTHING will stop me from seeing disturbed in concert this year!!!!!!!

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