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Santiago, Chile


Santiago, Chile
Santiago, Chile
Caupolican Theatre
Sat, 2011-08-27
August 27, 2011


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cpumero's picture

I wanna thanks the band for come to Chile. It was a great show. I head-bangged every song with my GF, and I put the ticket on my room, waiting to see you again.
WE-ARE!!!!...... DISTURBED!!!!
Here in Chile you have inconditional fans.

MwDavidwM's picture

I don`t know if the band will really read this post, but I want to thank all four of you for the last night show. I was right at the front line the entire concert, just front of David, screaming every song like a damn lunatic, looking him at the eyes, and the power I felt is hard to explain. Thanks for your music, for your message, for your efforts and finally for comming to our country. Grande Disturbed

manticor5's picture

Thanks Disturbed for this great night, last night. We were hungry of listening your songs, so intense, so fucking great. Needless to say the last songs for us, expecting that you guys get rest alot for this hiatus you will have. Thanks again Disturbed!

Fegna's picture

Thank you, guys for your show in Chile. It was AWESOME, dudes!!!!

Thank you so much to have been here and play all your greatest songs.



MetalBere's picture

Hi guys, i'm coming to my home from seeing you, it was the best show ever, thank you for playing "Remember". I hope your time off won't be very long, hope to see you again in Chile soon, and playing "Deify". Thanks, love you!

Kez0's picture

This will be the first time on my life that i will can go to a metal live show!

Chronos's picture

This will be the longest weeks of my life... waiting for Disturbed.
Fucking shit, ....hours never pass?

Chileanturbed's picture

Play Droppin Plates and Bounds instead The Animal, The warrior or Walk cover Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! legendary epic songs!!!!

thea_dog_94's picture

I wish theyd come back to indiana I had a ticket the first time they came here like 3 years ago but couldnt make it :/ & last time they came here i wasnt even in town. PLEASE COME BACK TO EVANSVILLE INDIANA!!!!!

thea_dog_94's picture

to: inD3zTructiBle
wherever did you hear that they are breaking up? Thats effffeeddd I doubt it will happen

Fegna's picture

I'm so happy to know that you guys are going to play in my country. We are all disturbed here and we wanna shout it out with all your songs!!!
See y'all.



MakaDeth's picture

Apurenseee !!! yo ya tengo mi entrada y no aguanto la emocion !

manticor5's picture

I am now waiting for you, guys, 12 days to see you, Disturbed!!!! =) You are gonna go to hiatus at the end of this 2011, you need some rest of the band. I will be satisfied when you play in my country.

inD3zTructiBle's picture

is it true i just heard something that disturbed will break up .... plzz tell me thats not true ! i love the band and wanna see you again in helsinki finland plzzz come back !!! =))

evilside's picture

Hola lamentablemente no podré ir y tengo que vender mi entrada. Un ticket para cancha a $22000!! mi correo es:

ramadeoz's picture

COME TO PERU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Disturbed_dames3193's picture


Kornejeros's picture

Come on!!!!!!! i have my ticket now!! see you soon!

EXELLICK's picture

yeaaaah... tamos listos con la entrada desde el primer dia de la preventa

panxo_pcx's picture

con la entrada desde el primer dia de preventa. la espera se hace larga. Thanks for coming to sing with the gente del barrio

karne's picture

me falta poko para la entrada u.u pero eso no m desanima Ówó

dancold's picture

ya tengo mi entrada CTM..................!!!!

por fin en chile mierda!!!!!!

Chicodono's picture

I get my Ticket.... See you there guys...

kangreho's picture

FINALLY!! come to Chile, i waited a long time to come.


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