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Rockford, IL


Rockford, IL
Rockford, IL
Rockford MetroCentre
Sun, 2011-01-16
January 16, 2011


Edwin Barker's picture

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I missed this event man...I really wanted to attend it but I couldn't ..I simply wanted to..But the next event I will surely do..Do keep us updated on it so that we don't miss tutoring

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erinstenback's picture

hey friends i missed this event , please update about the next event of korn and when it will be happening , i am a die hard fan of korn and want to be the part of his next event.
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kareenpadgette's picture

I really wanted to attend this event. Let me know where can i get the tickets. Thanks for sharing this post. I will surely pass the message and collect more friends to make with me.
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johnmathews25's picture

hey guys when is the next event going to take place I am very curious about it.I definately want to attend the next event as I am the biggest fan of korn. please let me know I am eager to attend the event and to rock at the event.trailers for sale

atomiser666's picture

I hurt everywhere, thank you so much guys! Show of a lifetime. Being in the pit was so unreal. Definitely suffering from hearing loss :) can't wait for next time!

warlord0385's picture

zacrathedemon5, is the kind of person that gets their ass kicked at events like this

warlord0385's picture

Cant wait, better kick ass its damn near sold out. and the only show the place has besides monster trucks... now melt some faces!!!!!

Anonymous72's picture

Well i am glad to see you playing close to home and have not forgot it was the small town fans that atleast helped get you where you are !

nixxwikkid's picture

Welcome Home! Blow the roof off the Metro!

nixxwikkid's picture

18 Days and Counting...
We - All - Are - Disturbed!!!

Anonymous72's picture

Well i am glad to see the fans in the smaller towns were not forgotten this time ! Thanks Guys

zacrathedemon5's picture

Not really a fan of Korn... But oh well, Disturbed's the main event (I hope) so I won't mind sitting through Korn.

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