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Hartford, CT


Hartford, CT
Hartford, CT
Comcast Theatre
Sun, 2011-07-24
July 24, 2011


lenny sarro's picture

Went to the show, it was the best one I've seen yet!! The band was strong, David's vocals were on, they were in sync and played all of their good hits, old and new!! Outstanding!!

Tormented1's picture

Going to Mansfield, Montreal and this one!! :D Cannot wait!!!!! This will be the LONGEST month ever!

larimarflower's picture

woohoo!!!!! I cant wait to go. Meeting up with a friend for Disturbed and parties!!!! yeah!!! \m/

EagleEyeX01's picture

aww man dont tell me theyre sold out =[

disturbed_kicks_ass16's picture

are u sure theyr sold out?

MzDisturbedOne's picture

are the tickets really sold out?? i was so close to going :'(

Outlier's picture

You guys better go! Especially if you have never been... mayhem festival is amazing

Bebejaded's picture

I will be there, can't wait to see u guys, love ya

MJShidler's picture

I hope I'll be able to get there. Haven't been to a Disturbed concert yet D':

RolandBourque's picture

I want to go!

Outlier's picture

ill be there

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