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xxswamprat's picture

I think Disturbed is the best 1 out their now and has been for the past ten years in my opinion. The chick's are pretty damn hot "cuff me"

bettayetta's picture

...This only makes me think of DAVID holding the chains in the warehouse in THE NIGHT video... what a man... what a mighty fine MAN

Diturbed-is-love's picture

eww... Damn you guys must be desperate...

Eagleman 1's picture

I wanna meet these girls

Davis's picture

Vodka is hotter, trust me!:)

DMZMetal's picture

Not my cup of tea, but it is hot!

Davis's picture

With Vodka, with beer will go!

Davis's picture

and dick with them....

Davis's picture

Elementary Watson! Because that lesbians fucking !!!!

DISTURBEDFANBOII979797's picture

why is she grabbing ur tits??

Davis's picture

Fuck you!

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