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John Moyer,Me,and Mike Wengren Roseland theater Jan. 2006


John Moyer,Me,and Mike Wengren Roseland theater Jan. 2006
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Marko xD's picture

t-shirt should be black xD

StoneColdDisturbed's picture

Hi Impure Soul! Your name is kick ass. Nice to meet you. So you wanna know how i met these guys? the old fashioned way... by seeing David's straight jacket stage entrance at Ozzfest 2000 & then becoming infused with the raw power of their music.I became obsessed with hitting the road. always planning for the next show and touring with them until the money ran out. Then i'd do it again next tour. I've been doing that now for a decade. That's how much i love these guys. :) Check out my blog, theres more info there,plus my story.

>>If you dont have it yet,you should get ASYLUM on Clear vinyl and get that signed. You can get it at the Disturbed store.

Impure Soul's picture

So tell us more. How did you get to see these guys? Last time I was at their concert, they booked it off the stage when it was over. I only ask 'cause I'm bringin my vinyl copy of the Sickness and I'm looking to get it autographed.

Also, I notice that your shirt has a picture with you and Draiman. Pretty funny. :)

StoneColdDisturbed's picture

Thanks for the rating and comment,brother. My life is all about DISTURBED.

FullmetalSHADO's picture

Aw you lucky SOB, i envy you for getting to meet them, your so lucky

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