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my new disturbed tattoo


my new disturbed tattoo
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ehhehhehehe im mean to DO"

Living_in_Asylum's picture

Wow your tattoo artist has done very good work cause i've seen lots of disturbed tattoos gone badly wrong , dunno where they take their tattoos but not in professional tattoo artist , i know one very good tattoo artist who going to to this indestructible art work for my upper arm its going to be such of big picture :) im going to post it when its ready , im getting it in summer when i got money for it!
- in asylum , i live a lie -

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Oooo, VERY nice! It's so kickass! I want one, damn it! (Don't worry, my time will come...) I'm literally dedicating my right arm specifically to Disturbed tats. Rock on, dude!

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