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My new Tat


My new Tat
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DisturbedChicago'sOwn's picture

very cool

KillerWolf_4_Life's picture

Nice tattoo!!!!!

QueenOfTheDamned's picture

korn and disturbed.....BEST COMBO....RAWR :)

HellSpawnMautia's picture

KoRn and Disturbed...yes.

beau's picture

that`s cool mine should be finished soon so i can post i up on here got my right leg done from knee to foot.

MaidenOfMalice666's picture

Ooooo, VERY cool! I totally can't wait until I can get one of my own. Disturbed, you have my entire right arm!

bobidiga's picture

woah thats nice

disturbed kid16's picture

dam thats a hot tat, take a look at mine dude :D

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