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    Click on the video to the right and watch the premiere of the intense new video off Indestructible - "Inside The Fire." Or click here for a larger version!

    Posted 2008-05-01 21:50
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on May 01, 2008

Click on the video to the right and watch the premiere of the intense new video off Indestructible - "Inside The Fire." Or click here for a larger version!


sickness31's picture

amazing video! loved it! you guys are the greatest!

im so excited for Indestructible! pre-ordered it awhile back! cant wait to hear it!

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Wow, the video was awesome! It's great to see them in a video I haven't seen a thousand times. I can't wait for the album to hear the rest of the amazing songs!

Bolt101's picture

Wow that Video is intense... I cant wait for the new cd, I pre-ordered my Limited edition Monday =D

MetalMaiden's picture

Fucking awesome! My boys are back!

I have many secrets and I eat the weak.

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The best fucking video I have seen in a long time & it's by the best band ever!!! Yell never seem to stop amazing me. Ever since Down With The Sickness I have been hooked. Yell check out my space Yell will like it. Thanks for all the songs yell put out. I can't wait to buy the album to hear the rest of it. Peace dudes!!!

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....what is there to say that hasn't already been said, all i know is that that video was freaking awesome and the song is incredible

Scott's picture

It had great special effects, great quality, a positive message to everyone thinkin' about suicide, and Disturbed really put forth their hearts and souls, and their best effort. By far this video is the best Disturbed music video ever made. I love it.

ScottyBoy's picture

wow so unlike disturbed, but i loved it

it was so sad because its true

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I cried my eyes out during that video...

I could never imagine the pain that David went thru while doing this...

What a strong man he is and that is what makes him so great in our eyes!

I love you David!


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Is a very powerful video.

laurieann131313's picture

i'm still speechless

Frana-Kun's picture

Wow...That ruled. And it was raining while this was plating, man this s*** is deep...Great video.

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the video is awesome as hell and hits home

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Wow....very deep indeed

Really makes you see the trauma that David had to go through.

Indestructible, determination that is incorruptible

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great video ,i was very glad to see the intro, i use to volunteer for a suicide hotline this needed to be made thank you DISTURBED...and if anyone feels compelled to volunteer don't wait its rewarding and needed desperately.

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The new video was AMAZING. The special effects were INCREDIBLE. It makes me so sad to know that David had to endure such heartbreak. My heart goes out to him...

Garfield798's picture

That was really dark, but so fucking cool. But it sucks that it actually happened to David

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proph3t-troyer's picture

I... want... download... now.

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Wow. I dont think words can describe that. Simply put.

firehawk905's picture

wow that

I teared up for a minute or two there.

TheOnlyDisturbedOne's picture

saee here. UNBELIEVABLE, that's the only word I can use to describe it. very touching

justicerayne's picture

This subject hits home. I think that the experience is so traumatic because you usually don't know your loved one is in so much emotional trouble until it is too late.

Sadistic-Paradox's picture

I really have to agree with that, and also I think that this song does speak to most and yeah you really have no idea how someone is hurting until they are beyond help, people are at that point surprised and sad, parlty because they dont understand.

but still that song is absolutely my new favourite.