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    Click on the video to the right and watch the premiere of the intense new video off Indestructible - "Inside The Fire." Or click here for a larger version!

    Posted 2008-05-01 21:50
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on May 01, 2008

Click on the video to the right and watch the premiere of the intense new video off Indestructible - "Inside The Fire." Or click here for a larger version!


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I like

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This is my favorite song by disturbed as of now
i like every single song they have made and am sure the new album will kick @$$
i cant wait till it comes out for sale

the video is very disturbing to me but the song is AMAZAZING

Ian_Lord {rM}

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Video is real intense. I know a few people who have committed such acts. It really sucks. Anyways, the song and video rocks. Cann't wait to get the new album.

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i feel for david but the video is really intense and i doubt it will be shown on tv too often as a result im rocks though and june 3rd wont come along quick enough :(

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loved the song when you guys gave us a taste, and i love the video, now i HATE that i have to wait till june 3rd -.-
although its only 1 month away, i still cant wait!

a little something i drew a while back

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WOW! That gave me chills... LOVED IT!!!!!!

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Wow to think that was an event based on past experences with david wow i couldnt handle that

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It left me speechless really. It almost brought me to tears thinking about how it was based on an actual event that happened to him. Even though some may think it too bloody or whatever I'm sure it felt much worse than what any video could EVER portray.

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Very intense indeed, i have never known anyone that has commited suicide nor do i have thoughts myself, so it may not hit so hard as it does other people. The video still kicks ass and disturbed rocks on like always.

and i would also like to mention the class that david has for the message at the beginning and end, showing that they actually care about their message.

rock on disturbed

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You can't glamorise sucide, sure it is graphic, but necessary. I like it now that I watch it a couple of times. I also, feel sorry that David had to go through that. If it was my video, I would have had flames, instead of blood and Gene Simmions would have been the DEVIL.

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Carlos A. Umana

Hey where can u find the price for tickets?

Disturbed Forever!!!!

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Disturbed is totally insane and their music is just out of this world.My day starts with disturbed and ends with disturbed.Draiman and his boys are just awesome.Dan is fabulous with his guitar.My wish is to play guitar like Donegan.There new video is gr8.Liked a lot.I wish disturbed all the very best.

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For me, too deep. I understood the video after I watched 3 times...

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It's very deep and gets a very powerfull message across.

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I really love Disturbed and music, but in my view video has too much blood... and I consider the prayer to be the best until now.
I hope the next songs from Indestructible will be more similar to Perfect Insanity.

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Up til now I've loved every CD. And I'm sure I'm going to love Indestructible. Unlike Disturbed, in my humble point of view, with just about every rock band in the past 10 years or so - purchasing a CD and hoping to God that the CD has at least 2 or 3 good songs that you truely like is a near impossible task these days. But with Disturbed, if you don't like the whole CD, chances are your going to like a good 7 or 8 songs out of every CD.

And that to me is a far cry from a lot of crap being put out these days.

Keep on rockin, guys!

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After hearing the interview, with headbangersblog, I felt so much more connected with David and the music. I've always felt connected but now I actually knew the true the true meaning for a song. But the video, I have to say I cried....I've dealt with suicide, the funerals, the pain, and death. I felt like I was there, in the video watching, standing there, next to him the whole time....The next concert I see is going to be so amazing, I can't describe it in words. All I can say is that when Disturbed graces INDIANA with their presence everyone is going to know that it's me out there supporting them the whole way through everything! :-D LOVE YOU GUYS!! and thank you so much for the music that means so much to us ALL!!!!!!!!!!!! :-*

And Not Ever Did I Doubt the Music and Your Abilities!

-Come inside and be afraid of this impressive mess I've made.-

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It doesnt matter what anyone says, I think Disturbed has rocked it from day one! I know that the last album was much lighter than DWTS but you can tell they have put their all in every song they have made. That is all I ask of them. Whether HARD AS HELL or Mild - THEY ROCK!!

Plus... David can have me anytime... all he has to do is whisper "Can you feel that?" the way he does in DWTS and I melt!

With Love From Hell...

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This song really hit home for me and my family. We lost my son-in-law to suicide on June 11 2007. He was a decorated Marine who prodly served our country in Iraq. He was only 24. If ther was only the sign or the help for him maybe he would still be with us. Rest in peace Daniel

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That was amazing,but it was also really sad. I love the song and the video has an very powerful impact and message.

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Wow. Disturbed's latest few songs surprise me. All this talk of more brutality sounded like exaggeration to me, but Inside the fire and Perfect insanity have washed away these naive doubts. So, why was I surprised at the dark and sinister nature of this video for Inside The Fire? I have no idea. But I must say, it was both amazing and disturbing at the same time (no pun intended. I have personally dealt with this type of situation, as two of my friends have contemplated suicide. Fortunately, I was there to talk them out of it. I just want everyone to know, that suicide is only a permanent solution to a temporary problem. There is no reason to do that to yourself, or your loved ones. Despite what you may think, there is always someone that loves you, so don't ever try to take the easy way out.

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Ive had experiance of suicide , i found my next door neighbor had hung himself ( NOT a pretty site ) he had two kids which i stopped seeing him hangin there and had a hard time trying to get his wife out of the house ! My first thought is " Dirty selfish bastard " to leave a wife and kids to go on with the guilt and other shit ! Then my second thought is ! " WHY can there be a GOD to let this Catholic subject his self to this ! " THIRD and final Thought ! " IT TAKES MORE BRAVERY TO PICK YOUSELF UP AND GET ON WITH YOUR LIFE ! IVE BEEN THERE ! " ! Thanks for reading and if anyone thinks of ending there life ! get help please and dont be afraid to ASK ! dont leave your family and friends to deal with it ! THEY are much better off WITH you than Without YOU ! Things get better ! TRUST ME ! I know ! BLESSINGS TO ALL !

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who doesn't see the the comparison of old Disturbed and new. It sounds commercial to me. Lyrics are wonderful, of course. I can see how someones life was included here but the music doesn't seem like much effort was put into it. I remember them saying old Disturbed was coming out in the next album but with the songs I have heard so far, I beg to differ... sorry.
I miss old Disturbed. 10,000 fists did nothing for me. I hope this album proves me wrong.

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This is a great video and this is one that hits home for me as well. this song takes all fans back to the first cd can't wait for the cd to come out it is proubly the same kick ass cd as all the other ones

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WOW, the more I hear this song, the more it takes me back to the first CD! Disturbed rocks once again! Tell everyone there is finally a CD to blast for the summer!

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This video was kick ass. It was also REALLY!! CREEPY!! Hope the next videos that come out are as good as this one.

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OMG!!! that is one awesome video!!! big, big hugs for poor David!!!! that is a truly awful thing to have gone through! my heart bleeds for you! that you have the strength to share it with the world and maybe help someone else simply magnifies the enormous amount of respect i already have for you!!! come on back to australia soon, guys!!! i miss you all!!!
much luv to you all,
your puppy.

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the new video is amazing...i love that song!!!

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Now that's what i call an awesome video...
Words can't describe how you feel watching that...
Awesome Awesome Awesome
and i love the term creepy!

"Your a SMEG!"

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