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    Click on the video to the right and watch the premiere of the intense new video off Indestructible - "Inside The Fire." Or click here for a larger version!

    Posted 2008-05-01 21:50
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on May 01, 2008

Click on the video to the right and watch the premiere of the intense new video off Indestructible - "Inside The Fire." Or click here for a larger version!


bettayetta's picture the beginning of their careers. The first song you fall in love with, I've always heard, is like taking dope. The first hit grabs you, then every thing you buy after that is trying to recapture the same high of that first hit. I heard Metallica for the first time this year on the Black album, and bought every thing I could find that they've recorded trying to recapture that same genius. The same with Disturbed. I have recently discovered The Sickness, fell in love with the 'growl' of David Draiman, especially on Dropping Plates, and immediately ordered Believe, bought Ten Thousand Fists, and also Indestructible. I love their sound. It is unique. And with lyrics that make sense and alot of people can relate to, I just know they will be around for a long time! (Yes I know Metallica and Disturbed have been in existence since 1981 and 1997, respectively. I am just a late bloomer.)I do go crazy when I like a band, in that I purchase t-shirts, posters, Ect. My husband gets jealous for awhile, but he always comes around to loving the band also because he is hearing them all the time!

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Very interesting Video. I enjoyed a lot.
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Video is rocking.This is one of my favorite.

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Woooooooo, amazing video ! I'm french and I hope this album will be in france too ;) .

Sorry for my bad english^^

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Disturbed is an amazing band!
I was on the verge of suicide. I didn't know where to turn. I had so many things going on with school, and work. When I found out my girlfriend was cheating on me for months despite being by my side through thick and thin for years, I had reached my breaking point. I was afraid to drive, because I just wanted to wrap my car around a pole. I heard this song on the radio, and it made me feel so much better. I came home, and watched it on YouTube several times. It took me a bit to get through the whole meaning of the song, and what it represents, but once I had, I realized that suicide isn't the way, and its a much worse fate than what I am going through in my life right now. Disturbed has helped me to move on with my life, instead of ending it. You guys are the best, and I can't wait to see what songs you roll out with next.

Thanks again, Kyle.

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This song/video really speaks to me. this song/video relates to a personal triumph over suicide that i've delt with in my past. the video is extremely powerful, I almost cried at the "Romeo and Juliet" type ending (Romeo killed himself, then Juliet did likewise). it was a long a tough road to regain my well being, self confidence, and overcome my death wish. my hats off to those who have shown this kind of inner strength and willingness to improve their life. david, It's obvious this is still a difficult time for you, and I know you may never live this down completly, but have faith. Because there is always someone there for you to help you through rough times like these, and we should all cherish and appreciate these people for being there when we really need the support.

my deepest regaurds, Stay strong Dave.

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yo to yall who loves disturbed
give props to there new album
f*** i cant wait
it comes out on my birthday
june 3rd 08
im 18 and my fav band comes out with the greatest album of the year
on the day of my birthday
i wish they would do a tour in vancouver
id love it
casue then i could take my friends and show them what real music sounds like
oh and if david (lead singer)
ever reads this
f*** man u sound better after the surgery
i cant wait for this album
the 2 songs they released are wiked
inside the fire and perfect insanity
never stop making music guys

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The Video really made the aprox. 2 hours waiting for beeing fully bufferd (Internetconnection sucks) worth it. It's simply unbelievable great (as the song is).

Can't wait to see them on Nova Rock, although its only performance on a festival but if its only half a great as their concert in munich 2006 the ticket for the festival was worth the 100 euros!

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Jesus...I mean if someone things that nothing is perfect should watch and listen "Inside the fire"...I really think this is perfect.....
There is no song i could tell: "this isnt that good..." You guys really rock...If you'll ever come in Romania I will be there...thats for sure!!!!
Keep it going guys!!! Respect!!!:)

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i just loved the video... that is a really important issue... i've been there... but now i think that if i would've die 9 years ago, i would've not seen disturbed and met them at the house of blues in orlando... i i would've missed many great things and people that i've met in this years.. so life is giving me a second chance... i lost some friends that killed themselves, so i can understand that pain... sometimes you see everything dark.. and no way out.. but there is always something an someone, you can hold on to...

you guys rock....
love U


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Great tune, solid video. Don't see what all the hype is about. Eight-year-old kids can sit home after school and watch videos of hoodrats and "thugs" pretending they live the good life and partying24/7. So Disturbed made a vid that may be a little graphic. Ever watch the news? The world's a lot more fu#%ed up than some guy's old lady hopping off a chair with a rope around her neck. Get real.



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Come on, I believe in a higher power, but it is just a song. When you write a poem or song, you never know where it's going to take you. Sometimes you think it is one thing and then it has a different ending. The video, is a little much, even for me. I think the girl in the video is what is a little graphic. In my mind I think she is like Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas, the Tim Burten movie. It's like she was slowly, falling apart and couldn't sew herself back together and had to kill herself. There is no devil in this video. See, my blog for how I would have done it, differently. But the Devil is darkness itself in a form of a person. Is there a Devil, I don't know?

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Ironman Mark 3

To me this is far more disturbing so sing about this


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Ironman Mark 3

I am and have been a long time fan of Disturbed, however I must say that speaking as Satin inticing someone to join the fire to commit suicide is too disturbing for me. I have been there, and wish that Disturbed had not framed the song in this manner, although the music is great. I know that David has suffered as I have with this but my interpretation of their music has always been that in the end something good will happen like the song Prayer which according to David is his frustration with the Religious sector and that God has more to offer than what is on the surface. This is sending the right message but in the wrong way in my opinion

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I have to tell you. Those of you who are just asking for disturbed to come to your town, you are assholes. Especialy posting in this section. You do realize what inside the fire is about? if you dont then watch the music video, David will explain it. David, I feel your pain, and so do many others. I agree suicide is a growing problem and people should do anything possible to stop it. even if that means an insanosilom

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this is got to be there best video and song

and this video just got added to itunes!

Razor619's picture

this is got to be there best video and song

and this video just got added to itunes!

Razor619's picture

this is got to be there best video and song

and this video just got added to itunes!

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The video rocks in relly like it

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I never ever thought I would see what has been in my head from both sides of the coin - the video has brought me to tears.
I know a lot of people wll see the gore and hear the riffs. All I see is the purest gesture of love that I promised noone I loved would ever have to make defined.
Disturbed, David, you did it again - you sang my soul.
Diana xxx

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Hey Disturbed,
I love your music! its very inspirational for me, being a horror writer. I believe between you guys and Korn, i have written 30 pages of my book.
I'd just like to Thank you for your wonderful music(yah, thats right i described you as 'Wonderful' not 'rockin' or 'Slamin')'s picture

_____ _ _____
| | | \ | | |\ /|
|___| | \ |___| | \/ |
| | |__/ | | | |

Cool video, it's one of if not you're best.

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i think it is realy great that you support suicide prevention world wide you are the greatest, but it is an awsome song and great video hola.

p.s. please come to Norway its bin so long.

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Hey David, I can relate to that. I had a really good freind that killed himself a few years ago because of the shit his mom was saying and doing. I know it wasnt easy to, because he was hesitateing and when he did do it he suffered for a wile before he died. So that video maens alot to me in a way. But keep up the good work and stay strong.

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Disturbed, I love you!

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hey guys kickass tune and vid you got to tour the uk more so we can get a chance to see you looking forward to the new album horns up

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Hey there Dave and the rest of the band this video and song kick ass! I'm 47 and an old school rocker and my 18 year old son is new school and we both think you guys kick ass.
My son and I met you and got autographs back at Ozzfest a few years back and you guys seemed really cool and I wanted to wish you guys the best of luck with this album and tour. We'll see you in San Diego again this year and I can't wait to hear the new songs. Disturbed Rocks

This video and song have a really deep meaning to the both of us. My ex wife, my sons mom committed suicide just last year and I had another girlfriend OD and die in my arms five years ago so this song and video are powerful images.
Yet we know that we are not alone and that there are alot of people out there left to wonder how and why someone could feel so low as to take their own life.
I hate it when I hear people say they took the easy way out because even though I personally have lost two beautiful women that I cared very deeply for.

I dont think it was an easy decision for either one of them to take their own life.
Yes I am left behind to deal with it but they are the ones that must answer to it. They are the ones to answer to their God of their own understanding

Hey if you know somebody threatining to do it get them help, better to have someone mad because you over reacted to their threats than to have a dead friend or family member or loved one.

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The new video for "Inside The Fire" kicks ass.
The song kicks ass 2.