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    Make sure to catch Disturbed live tonight - Thursday, May 29th at 7:00pm at DeepRockDrive. You can watch the show online LIVE for free by clicking here and signing up. Hurry!

    Posted 2008-05-29 16:35
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on May 29, 2008

Make sure to catch Disturbed live tonight - Thursday, May 29th at 7:00pm at DeepRockDrive. You can watch the show online LIVE for free by clicking here and signing up. Hurry!


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Great show!not exactly what i was expecting but indeed a great show.the whole interactive thing i found very amusing and the band did as well,some people said some pretty fucked up shit so overall i give the show a 10 for entertainment and most importantly,the hat goes off to the people at deep rock for putting it all together and above all,thanks to disturbed for once again rockin the town right down to the ground.see you in august!

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that really sucks, probably venue afraida getting sued. as for the people offended by the comments or whatever, complaining about it. get the fuck over it. people were saying crazy shit to be amusing, and it worked, david laughed several times. jesus christ, it's not like anyone was being serious, though eating dave's dogs was a little creepy, i'll admit.

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You guys say all kinds of stuff like " oh if I was there" and " I would have done blah blah blah" Talk is cheap when your not involved. I WAS THERE And when they tell you not to mosh or act crazy because of the small space and large equipment or you WILL BE THROWN OUT. Then you just don't do that stuff. Trust me, everyone was complaining about not being able to mosh or even jump up and down. You guys who are all watching online don't realize how tight the security was. To have the opportunity to see them so up close and personal wasn't going to be ruined by some dumbass that couldn't follow the rules.... All of you would have done the same.

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I logged on at 9 PM EST and I waited. The audience at the show was soooooo wimpy. I could have caused more of a ruckus. I wanted to be there. I would have flown in, but I don't have that kind of money. Performance: Phenomenal. The crowd: CRAPPY!!!!

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You all really did deserve a better audience both there and online.

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I have a feeling the guys didn't really like the experience though.
Off the wall shout-outs and the lame ass crowd.. I can't believe someone said "Piss in my ass!" I mean wtf..

I'd loved to actually see one of their shows in person though, I was gonna go see them in Dallas, TX on July 25.

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I just LOVED the show, but i wish i was there for real

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Guys The show was fantastic.. can't wait til july 9th.. i'll be in the pit.. got my tickets.. waiting for the new stuff.. tuesday is to far away.. thanks again..

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That show was so awesome I was singing every lyric i knew.. xD I cant believe that he actually read my shout out, out "I want your children" that was one fun night xD

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that show rawked, it was awesome, I just wish they'd stop in Greenville, SC....or somewhere closer than Atlanta
oh well maybe next time, maybe I can make it to the Atlanta show

/\/\åÐ /\/\ïñ×

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Missed it, fell asleep :(
..But no use crying now, I'll see you guys in 10 days and I know it's going to be perfect :D

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OMG!!! That was the best concert that I have ever been too. I was lucky enough to be in the audience. David is sooooooooooo awesome and his voice is the real deal. I saying every song right along with him, while he was less than 5 feet in front of me. There must have only been less than 50 people there. What everyone else didn't know was that security was tight and we were advised that there would be no moshing and if anyone did they would be escorted out. Trust me no one wanted to leave that show. So we had no choice really. I was right up on the railing trying to get as close as I could to David and the band. You guys who watched it online had better sound than we did and you heard everything alot clearer, but we had Disturbed right in front of us. Wouldn't trade that for anything.
David you rock, good luck on tour and please come back to Vegas. Maybe the Pearl, that would be soooooooooooooo great. We love you here!!!!!!!!!!

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eye was one of the camera guys... :D

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That was soooo awesome! David can sing and has the coolest voice!! He sounded just like recored voice! That means he's no fake! Some artists use so much voice arrangements/enhancements(?)so that their voice sounds awesome on CDs, but they don't sound that good in Live... you know what I mean?! So, he is GREAT and everyone is just fucking AWESOME!!!!!!! Loved it!!! I wish I was in the crowd, though... what the hell were they doing there?? Man!!!

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Will this show be avaliable as a download anytime in the future?

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I had trouble logging in at first, but, when i did get in it was definitely live. The concert was music pure. Disturbed, your writing and performance are unique and fluid.

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That was AWESOME! Some of the comments were really out there, but hopefully "The Guys" came away with a Great Experance! Wish "WE" were in the crowd , they would have known the DISTURBED ONES were in the house!

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there would have been no doubt that we were there........horns

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Absolutely awesome show as always guys! Just too bad none of the more serious questions got through between songs like David was saying. Not you guys' fault, though, you kick ass!

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That was a fucking awesome show. Good work.
Stay disturbed.

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I loved it! That was amazing!

My comment was what is your favorite song off Indestructible?

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I loved it too! Tarah and I posted Hey David, do a backflip, or something like that and he read it and laughed! It was great! We were so excited!

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like oh my gawd...stop sounding so "gay" :P

or you just might "frost" yourself... :D

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i was really impressed with davids live vocals

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u guys fuckign ROCK!~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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watching it right now, deify is JUST starting, DAMN IM LOVING THIS, and them shoutouts are funny as hell, although mine never got answered =( (fav song to play live) oh well :D still great to see em though!

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it's on starts in about half an hour, twenty minutes ish, i'm on it now, looks like it'll be good.


countdown still says 7 days for the show,but it starts in aboiut an hour. i have a ticket, but never got a ticket#, which the redeam choice asks for. anybody else have this problem?