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    Disturbed new album is in stores today, Monday the 2nd, internationally and tomorrow, Tuesday the 3rd in the US! The album cover was designed by renowned artist David Finch, and there are three different versions. Check them out below! If you've already pre-ordered the limited edition, you're in luck, because they're almost all gone, but you can get the CD/DVD or the regular version by clicking here, or you can get it digitally by clicking here!

    Posted 2008-06-02 20:32
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on June 02, 2008

Disturbed new album is in stores today, Monday the 2nd, internationally and tomorrow, Tuesday the 3rd in the US! The album cover was designed by renowned artist David Finch, and there are three different versions. Check them out below! If you've already pre-ordered the limited edition, you're in luck, because they're almost all gone, but you can get the CD/DVD or the regular version by clicking here, or you can get it digitally by clicking here!


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I love Disturbed and I love this album. I really hope that Disturbed will be remembered for many years to come. I will make sure that Disturbed is in my family for generations!

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The Indestructible Album is still not available here in Philippines!!!

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What more can i say but truly fuckin brilliant!the more i listen to this record,the more i dig it.this record certainly exceeded my expectations and by far this is some of thier best work yet,musically and lyrically.i'm sure multiplatinum success is right around the corner for this record and personally,i can't wait to see that's always good to see true hardworking metal bands get the recognition they deserve.see you in august!

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This, in my opinion, is the best CD Disturbed has come out with. I love all the songs on it. Divide, Enough, and Curse are my favorites.

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Ok, can someone help me out here? My limited edition finally arrived in the mail today. And I've noticed that everyone else is having these problems with the laminate thing. I'm having the same problem. Where's the code? How do I register the thing? Does anyone know? What's the whole process I have to go through?

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Indestructable is my favorite Disturbed album yet. You guys are the shit.

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The vocals rock, the riffs crush, and the drums and bass are a symphony of thunderous sickness!! Unlike most metal vocalists, David can sing. He does it in a way that demonstrates his vocal range and adds his own unique character to it.

I also like the fact that the guitar solo has re-emerged. Hard Rock/Metal is a very guitar based genre. The hellacious drummer coupled with John's Rockfield double-humbucking bass pick-ups and big bidge creates my kind of thunderous mayhem!

Thanks for being the artist you truly are and supporting the U.S. Armed Forces.

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At 4th June I was listening to your new album INDESTRUCTIBLE!!! That is so fucking amazing.....really!!! Its by far the greatest album I ever heard!!! For me you really are the greatest band!! Who doesn't love DISTURBED can kill himself!!!! Keep it going boys!!!:):)

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This album is fucking unbelievable! It's fucking insane


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In one word it's just brilliant. In two words, brilliantly smokn.

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June 3rd 2008,the day we all became INDUSTRUCTIBLE,once again!after listening to the whole album,i was once again impressed with what i heard.not only does the music rock but the lyrics are fuckin brilliant!this band never seems to disappoint me in any aspect.i was most impressed with the guitar solos,something we really have'nt heard in previous albums.needless to say yet another great album from a great band!i expect another multiplatinum success from this record and from what i hear the tour is just as great.thanks to disturbed for putting out yet another great album and i'm definitly lookin forward to seing them live when they hit darien center n.y.see you in august!

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first off i have to say this album is amazing. I didnt know how you were going to match or even top TTF but you did it. All the tracks are realy good I love the title track. I bought the special edition DVD CD at Bestbuy for 15$ i was in shock. But anyway the last track "Facade" is supposed to be 3 minutes and 47 seconds but when I put the CD in my computer and then later onto my iPod its only 3 minutes and 42 seconds and I'm missing the end of my favorite track on the album. Did this happen to anyone else?

"I am a little more provocative than you might need.
Its your shock and then your horror on which I feed.
So can you tell me what exactly does freedom mean?
If I'm not free to be as twisted as I want to be."


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Thank you for all the hard work and love you put into this album. It truly is an amazing masterpiece of sonic pleasure.

Thank you for an incredible album, I hope the night or haunted or Divide (love the metal voice david,,more more :) ) becomes your next single and I thought the whole album is amazing.

Thank you Disturbed

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I Preordered my Limited Edition of Indestructible back on April 21st now where the fuck is my CD? Its already 3 days late.

Belp's picture

They did say that it might take a few days after the street date to get to you (3-5 Days). Depends on what shipping method you use too. I say you should have it by Saturday, if not early next week.

metalhead1962's picture

I pre-ordered mine and I still haven't recieved it yet and I'm fuck pissed. Ordered it in May. WTF

evanmg's picture

I feel ya buddy, ordered it May 22nd, still don't have it. I've resorted to having my friend burn me a copy of the standard edition to hold me over til my limited edition comes in the mail. Pretty pissed about it too. I want to hear the song "Run" and I want all my goodies that come with that package!

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Indestructible is the best album ever... In Chile We Are "Disturbed"...

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So you only get to use the VIP laminate if you received an email after purchasing the limited edition version of Indestructible? Like you didn't have to register a code or anything?, you simply sit back and wait to see if they send you an email? I'm just making sure because I planned on selling mine but I didn't receive an email and so now I'm starting to believe the ticket is not valid. Please help me clarify this ASAP so I can cancel the auction I have posted. Thank you.

Gouldness's picture

The code is on the back of the cards that you get with the special edition. Almost the bottom left corner. Don't hate if you don't even look everywhere.

--What's the point of having freedom if I can't be as TWISTED as I wanna be?

Lestat's picture

Do you mean the short number? that doesn't work...I've already try that... :(


porkweasel's picture

So nobody has this "code" for the special content? I'm regretting that I pre-ordered this. It just arrived today, I have no code for entry into the content I'm paying for and space is limited with the VIP laminates. I would think people who fork over this amount of cash for a album would be the people the record industry WANTS to cater to. I guess they would rather treat us like imbeciles and have us download for least that's the message they're sending VERY clearly...

TheTyler's picture

If you mean the code for the special "INSIDE THE FIRE" thing then yeah. I got my code via Email the day the album was supposed to be in my mail box. Nothing realy cool is out yet on it though.

Lestat's picture

Please help me!! I've got my copy of the limited edition today, but I could not find the code!! Where can I get my code?? PLEASE HELP....Thanks in advance

I_Love_Disturbed_So_Much's picture

I absouloutly love indestructible it is one of the best albums i have ever heard. I love the songs "enough and Indestructible". Thank you very much David Draiman, Dan Donegan, Mike Wengren and John Moyer for producing such a brilliant album