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on July 11, 2008

Check out Disturbed's feature in Saturday's print edition of the L.A. Times!


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I have no idea what the rolling stones mag is about cause im from new zealand but everybody who contributes to them or works for them can go fuck themselves
because they talk alot of bullshit

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Good for the dickheads at rollin stone magazine,they can certainly kiss everyone's ass.once again they've proven to be pompus asshole's who have never had anything decent to say about metal or metalbands.just because disturbed is'nt the beatles or tom petty and the heartbreakers,does'nt mean that thier not good musicians.seems that over the years these self rightous asshole's have always made smartass remarks about anything metal,and to this day,they remain true to themselves.oh well,can't wait to see the video.i'm sure it'll be a hell of alot better than what the beatles or tom petty would put out.

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Very well written, I can't wait to see the video now.

Wicked & Wild TPO !!!
"Can U imagine how good going through this is going to make U feel?"
Come visit me....

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Thank you L.A. Times for actually writing an interesting article about's nice to see L.A. is representing. xoxo

You guys rock...can't wait for the Pittsburgh show!!!


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