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    Please check our media section for our latests photos from the Mayhem Tour. Also everyone with "Inside The Fire" access please stop in...there are exclusive photos.

    Posted 2008-07-28 19:17
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on July 28, 2008

Please check our media section for our latests photos from the Mayhem Tour. Also everyone with "Inside The Fire" access please stop in...there are exclusive photos.


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The photos are excellent and beautiful and you have enjoyed lot in that trip.
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LMAO.. that's hysterical but somehow intriguing...


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GOT A HARD ON WHEN HE WAS ROLLED OUT ON STAGE!!! LOL (Clarkston Michigan mayhem fest august 8)

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Great Photos..and great show in Pgh yesterday. David you get more gorgeous with age.. damn! The hottest thing I've ever seen. Sounded outstanding..I had a great time!

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Great photos.the whole hannible lecture opening is great too.a little over two weeks to go until darien center n.y.see you then!

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Adamblaster takes awesome photos. I hope he's coming back to Christchurch with the band in September.

He did a great job last time they were here - not only did he take fantastic photos he was the pre-greeter trying to organise us for the Meet & Greet too.

"Why do you keep playing around with my narrow scope of reality?"


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Very Awesome set of photos! :)


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the one of Mike and John playing rock band made my day!

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Great Photos Adam, Thanks for posting them. : )

"Welcome To The NEW Chicago Metal Scene!"