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on August 20, 2008

Please check out our video for Indestructible. Available NOW!


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Great band! I have a collection of their album!
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i cannot buy the cd but you have fulfilled my dream by posting video here.i enjoyed watching it.


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This video is freakin awsome!!!!! I love it and i was getting tired of seeing the Land of Confusion vid on youtube every time i typed in Indestructible. Awsome Work Disturbed!!!!!

-DDisturbed Saint XxxX aka Barry Fehnel

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xxxD3M0N-GR4V3xxx Vid was awsome thought it was cool that it showed warriors from different eras, especially the flaming viking dude

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Cool video, i thought you guys would do a modern war kinda thing, still an awesome video and song.

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you guys rock soo much i saw the mayhem fest at post gazzette pavilion it kickd ass.


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OK guys I know you don't need me to tell you that you're just awesome but ... what the hell?! You're f**king awesome! I love your new album and the videos I've seen so far are great as always.
You rock my world guys!

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May i just say that you have got better and better over the years and i look fwored to hearing any new songs you may come up with

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the album songs vids are great but can you guys do another album like
The Sickness, I really miss the screaming, the foul words and hard beats.
i recognized that the recent songs are melodic.That's the reason i got into you guys.
anyway great song guys! nicely done KEEP ROCKING!!!

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Its really cool, the song is about preparing and goin into war and the vid really reflects that. I really hope yous make another video for some of the other songs, Indestructible BEST ALBUM EVER!!!

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Very nice, Disturbed should definetly make a video for the song "Haunted" :)

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Awesome song, awesome video :)

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Great song, Some video effects was awesome, Just Another Great video from you boys....

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rock on disturbed !!!!!!!!

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disturbed does it again !! there's nothing that these guys can't do!! you guys rok!! 10 000 fists in the air! !!

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this video is awesome as i loved it

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What can you say but yet another great video!with any luck,mtv and vh1 wont cut the shit out of it like they did inside the fire.i would also like to say,great fuckin show at darien center n.y.!cant wait for the headlining tour back in the states.see you then!

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This song and vid rocks!

Just bought tickets to see Disturbed and Shinedown in Manchester UK in October .... I cant wait!!

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wish david and guys would come here to the philippines
fingers crossed
u guys rock!

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I WISH I WERE YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!rock on !!!!!!!!

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awesome video!!!!!!!!
Disturbed for life!!!!
come to greece plz we love u here!!!!

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Absolutely brilliant.. xoxox


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Holy shit !!! I love the song and the video. Haven't taken the Cd out of my truck since I bought it. It kicks ass!!!

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Truck?...haha!! just joking no harm done...right?

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this one of those songs that should be in a movie :P
the clip is really good

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how about 1 for Haunted

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Yes we must have a vid for haunted!!
"It's all been a lie,
And I'll never come to know why,
I woke to dscover
You leaving me now!"