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    Fuse is giving you a chance to vote on the band most deserving of a Grammy, so head over HERE and vote for Disturbed, who are nominated this year for Best Hard Rock Performance. Then tune in to Fuse on Feb. 2 at 7PM|6C to see who makes the top 10 on a special episode of No. 1 Countdown.

    Posted 2009-01-13 18:38
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on January 13, 2009

Fuse is giving you a chance to vote on the band most deserving of a Grammy, so head over HERE and vote for Disturbed, who are nominated this year for Best Hard Rock Performance. Then tune in to Fuse on Feb. 2 at 7PM|6C to see who makes the top 10 on a special episode of No. 1 Countdown.


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I FORGOT TO VOTE!!!!!!!!!!!


SHOOT ME!!!!!!!

laurieann131313's picture

i voted 4 times......plan on doing more:)...let's not let them down people:)

Disturbed Child's picture

this world is fucked. i voted of course but if you look youll see that that bitch Beyonce has like 48%. its bullshit all the good music has like no votes. fucking bullshit it really pisses me off!!! with idiots like this everwhere i feel like the world is fucked!

darknessfan's picture

vote please!!!

ITF Deceiver's picture

you need to click on disturbed and then press vote as fast as you can, youll do like 10 votes at the same time

Puppet your Suffering

philiptarrant's picture

it's obvious this thing is a fucking joke. rihanna and beyonce came outta nowhere and are now the leaders over both slipknot and disturbed and everyone knows they're rubbish. since when did umbrella have 15 syllables???

"I still remember when
I thought that all you were eating was my pride"

<3 tlryfa <3 <---Free Disturbed Fan Forum (Open to all)

Ephemeral's picture

The talentless became famous.

Or infamous, however you see it.

As the flame flickers, erupt;
Burn brightly once more
As twilight settles;

stevenhuddleston's picture

we need to keep voting disturbed deserve to win this

nakho's picture

Sqozza's picture

Slipknot are Killing us, the bloody masked tossers, I say, BRING IT ON!!

_-There will never be a reason why, I will surrender to your advice to change myself I'd rather die.-_ I'm Alive - Disturbed
-_Never Surrender, I'll never be Overcome..._-The Curse - Disturbed

PurpleDoom's picture

unless we all vote for Disturbed insanely fast for about an hour, were screwed. last time i checked the were only beating us by 5,000 votes, now its more than 10,000. >.<

TheOnlyDisturbedOne's picture

i'm so fuckin sick of slipknot always beating disturbed!!! why?!?!? they are in no way more popular than disturbed. it's probably the same 2 kids sitting in their basement hitting vote 100 times every day.

Indestructible, determination that is incorruptible

stevenhuddleston's picture

we need to keep voting even if slipknot are so far ahead

Jesco73's picture

come on people, vote like crazy!

so can you tell me what exactly does freedom mean
if I'm not free to be as twisted as I want to be

Disturbed_rocker2010's picture

NO WAY we cant win, we are already 66%!! its insane, the runner up is slipknot i think with only 17%. what pissed me off in december was there were a lot of Things on top albums and bands of the year and disturbed wasn't even on there!. There was a poll to vote on best album of the year and Indestructible wasn't on the list! WTF? they had crappy bands and rappers and bands NO ONE has ever heard of. its retarded but I don't care that much anymore, doesn't change the fact Disturbed's the best band ever!

Give into the Night!!

philiptarrant's picture

has overtaken us, come on guys!

"I still remember when
I thought that all you were eating was my pride"

<3 tlryfa <3 <---Free Disturbed Fan Forum (Open to all)

PurpleDoom's picture

i like slipknot too... but we lost on the Video contest, and i say we beat them this time! vote like crazy!

FatigueZ's picture

i did, haha,

thebabster520DMF's picture

Everyone vote, Disturbed and Slipknot are destroying everyone! But as much as I like Slipknot, Disturbed should win. Disturbed fans, rally and vote!!!!!

meanmasters's picture

Kome On Vote For Disturbed Not Slipnot Because Slipnot Is Gay