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Song Battle!!


  • Song Battle!!

    What song do you like better?

    Inside the Fire or Perfect Insanity

    Leave a comment with your pick below

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    Posted 2009-04-28 19:24
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Disturbed1 Team's picture
on April 28, 2009

What song do you like better?

Inside the Fire or Perfect Insanity

Leave a comment with your pick below

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disturbedonyx's picture

Bass solo followed directly by melodic finger tapping followed by the infamous "Immaculate Ending"...... 'nuff said

bladeth's picture

These are two great songs and im glad disturbed chose these two to be judged because it makes a true disturbed fan think, haha when you guys came to calgary, i dont think you could have opened the show and got the crowd pumping better thean when david came out in a straight jacket and then "Perfect Insanity" started playing! That was fucking amazing!!!!
thats not to say that when you guys played inside the fire it wasnt fucking great too, i mean i think the roof almost came off the roundup centre..haha btw go to the dome next time you guys are in calgary!!
But i would have to choose perfect insanity just because of its origin with disturbed, i mean it was one of the first songs they ever had, and then to go on and remaster it was sickk!! The lyrics music combind so well and just make it an amazing song all around.

TSS117's picture

Nope look here.

Its not Mayham...

Disturbed - May 26, 2009

Tickets on sale Thursday, April 2 at 12:00 p.m. @

Tickets*are $39.50 and $51.50 (incl. GST) *plus applicable service charges

Nearly a decade after the release of their groundbreaking debut, The Sickness, Disturbed have become one of the most passionate and well-respected bands in the hard-rock universe, a dependable source not only of pummeling riffs and jackhammer beats, but of personal and political insights into our troubled times.

Yet success (in the form of over nine million albums sold) hasn't dulled this Chicago-based foursome's taste for adventure. If anything, Disturbed's loyal fanbase has pushed the band to newer heights of self-expression.

So it makes sense that on the occasion of their fourth album, Indestructible, that frontman David Draiman, guitarist Dan Donegan and drummer Mike Wengren decided to take the reins and produce themselves in the studio.

Shokaata's picture

Depends on the mood, but I think I'd have to go with Inside The Fire

the_nameless's picture

perfect insaneity:p

mdcoldfear's picture

Both songs are fantastic however i would have topick perfect insanity! That song could get you pumped even on your death bed!

Kitty Kat's picture

Sorry guys, HANDS DOWN its got to e "Inside the fire" Because for One thing the lyrics are amazing, and For another, when you are sitting there at your first rock concert RECORDING the song, Rocking out and singing along when Your BOYFRIEND who has been a fan Longer then you have Doesnt know the words is fucking amazing.

Yeah, I was at the erie show almost 2 wks ago, and I was there singing with the song, and the BF Lookked at me and Basically said "The fuck are You doing?" Yeah.. He didnt Know the words, and I did. He was Kinda Pissed at me for that, Sat Down and Pouted for the rest of the concert.

~Now the World is a Scary Place Now that You've Woken Up The Demon In me!~

jesse w's picture

Perfect insanity

Bendude_Sk8's picture

To me, this is like the impossible choice: Chinese or Indian Takeaway? Arrrgghhh!

"Are we demented, or am I Disturbed?"

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jazerix's picture

100% Perfect Insanity, love it! btw listening to "The Night" atm with my friend at my school xD

rafarock's picture

Inside the fire but the best song of the album is Enough

Tyler622's picture

Inside the fire!!!, songs wayy more dark than perfect insanity and just is better in general, wayy better live song to

kark7's picture

Perfect Insanity

The_disturbed_1_1987's picture

inside the fire for sure. it is arguably the darkest song on indestructible, but its soooo awesome!!!!!

rog's picture

its gotta b inside the fire only 4 the lyrics tho,as far as the music goes every Disturbed song is awesome! 8 months & 1 day since u guys rocked Challenge Stadium in Perth & im still buzzing,u rock boys come back soon!

Perfectly Insane Human's picture

Perfect Insanity!

hijkul's picture

Perfect Insanity is a good song, but personally, I think Inside the Fire is a much deeper song, lyircly (Of course, with David, what kind of lyics do you expect?). It has a very realistic idea and a theme that some unfortunatly can relate to. It addresses that single part of us that have ever had a suicidal thought, which is literally everybody; Everyone has had a thought or two. That doesn't mean you'd consider it, but it's a thought nonetheless. It deals with the emotions a person would have in such a situation, like if a friend or family member died or commited suicide. In a way, it also tells you that you're not alone. People all over the world- even people you know- have been to hell and back, and Inside the Fire can tell the entire story.

nick-bulger's picture

Perfect Insanity!

dragonlover's picture

I love the song Inside the fire and perfect insanity the same

but my favorite songs from the album is The Night and Enough

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Crazy Mizchief's picture

No Doubt Inside The Fire

DisturbedMeg's picture

Inside the Fire!!!!

WickedKnightAlbel's picture

Inside The Fire

hunterhoyt's picture

I like inside the fire but both songs rock criminal is my favorite song on the album best album yet

rockmama129's picture

Out of the two, I choose Perfect Insanity over Inside the Fire.
My fav off the album? Criminal
That song kicks ass!!!
yet I see that many new songs aren't on the bootlegs from the current tour.
I've seen and heard all the old songs live many times. It's time to give us die-hards some new live music!

philiptarrant's picture

Definitely PI, though neither are anywhere near my faves from the album.


Nsane1's picture

thats a damn hard choice lol cuz perfect insanity has a great drum intro, its the perfect show opening song (by band is covering that one) and it shows how far you've come since the old version 13 years ago. its also probably one of the most fun songs to play on your new record. However, lol the reason i love this band is because of your meaningful lyrics, the meaning behind them, and the overall power that the music helps provoke. im gonna have to say Inside the Fire because of the electronic intro that i know Dan worked so hard to create, the awesome riff, the lyrics and rythm that David had one hell of a time making, and because of the amazingly catchy solo. also i know the riff part of the solo is probably a bitch for John to play but he does it 100% perfect. plus is amazing watching you guys riff out to eachother live on that part. So definetly Inside The Fire.

Blazer's picture

I'm gonna have to say that Inside the Fire is my favorite.


melnecky's picture

Perfect Insanity is my choice.....