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Disturbed Song Battle!


  • Disturbed Song Battle!

    What song do you like better?

    The Night or Deceiver

    Leave a comment with your pick below

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    Posted 2009-05-16 17:07
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Disturbed1 Team's picture
on May 16, 2009

What song do you like better?

The Night or Deceiver

Leave a comment with your pick below

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indestructible1991's picture

Both songs are amazing but The Night is My pick...the chorus gets me every time ^_^

Give In To The Night's picture

Oh boy, that's somewhat of a toss-up. Both are really great and both are songs I can get stuck in my head all day long.
Deciever is rhythmic, but The Night is all-around powerful in lyric and melody. Plus The Night is my song (don't know how I lived without it!), so there's no way I'm not going to vote for it.

So, one more vote for The Night! :)

badd_dogg's picture

i think both of them are kickass cuz their both from disturbed and u can't get no better than the guys from chicago!!!!!!ROCK ON!

why.whynot456's picture

night is the better of the two songs. the power is undeniable

hunterhoyt's picture

deciever is my pick the hole album kicks ass disturbed is by far the best band ever

ALoneGrunt's picture

deceiver... the night is a kick-ass song, but deceiver relates very well with shit im goin through. and it's very angry... i like that =D

Rock-n-Rebel's picture

its a close race but The Night wins by a hair :)

oscaar's picture

The Night

PurpleDoom's picture

The Night. Hands down.

katsdisturbed's picture

The Night. I can not get enough of that song!

Re4master's picture

I would have to say the night is better.

Adzy28394's picture

I vote for Deciever, whilst The Night is definately the better song, Deciever speaks to me about a personal story. The lyrics explain EXACTLY (in fact its scary how close) I felt about a month or two ago, when my best friend lied and said he had cancer so he could gain sympathy from everyone around him.

Disturbed Rock

deckelmyster's picture

neither of them are on my list, but i would have to go with the night

Disturbed Child's picture

The Night, I think, is not only darker but the meaning of the song is how I view Disturbed. Disturbed is the night taking over me.

13Moore-CiminoZR's picture

Night is there best song ever,it puts me in a good mood

13Moore-CiminoZR's picture

Down with the sickness vs. inside the fire

Martinchelsea's picture

I Like more Night,but ENOUGH is the best track with Inside the fire!!

katsche's picture

... The Night is better but CRIMINAL and HAUNTED are the BEST♥!

Vern2008's picture

I personally enjoy both for different reasons. I like the Night because of its softer but still dark music and vocals, but I also like Deciever because of its hard nature and relates to me in a few relationships.


The One You Disturbed's picture

I have to pick The night , but Deceiver is a awesome song too! =P

Bendude_Sk8's picture

The Night. Simply because of that kick-ass solo!

"Are we demented, or am I Disturbed?"

laurieann131313's picture

the night....though i love the anger in deciever.

Ariel's picture

The Night

shellieevillynn's picture

The Night, it was definitely amazing live. Madison rocked!

clone wars's picture

I like The Night best because it goes madder and madder, and then it goes calmer and calmer, and I really like mad ones.

GHSTRDER's picture

If you're wanting to chill or feel "crazy" The Night is the choice for that. If you've had a messed up past with bad friends/relationships then Deceiver will get you to where you want to go.

pmdxx's picture

i prefer deceiver :)

egg13's picture

The Night!!! No question about it..The night is the best song ever released by any band not jut disturbed the night beats all!!!!

m0ksinn's picture

there's no way i can decide especially between those two.

Mistress-Parasite's picture

50% Demon, 50% Deity, 100% Disturbed!!!! - best quote ive ever came up with

ooooooo probably deciver.. i love when he says "antoher entity"