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Disturbed Song Battle!


  • Disturbed Song Battle!

    What song do you like better?

    The Night or Deceiver

    Leave a comment with your pick below

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    Posted 2009-05-16 17:07
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Disturbed1 Team's picture
on May 16, 2009

What song do you like better?

The Night or Deceiver

Leave a comment with your pick below

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s3bb's picture

deceiver is my favourite song on the album, so easy choice =)

tigerlily299's picture

The whole album is amazing!! I gotta go with The Night though. It's definitely one of my all time favorite songs!!!

juniorgyuri's picture

i like both of these songs but i choose Deceiver.

disturbedfan10's picture

Both songs are AMAZING! but I'm going to have to go with Deceiver because I love the quick beat to it and the drums are amazing and the beat of the lyrics as well but both songs are great!

II 4evrDiStUrBeD II's picture

I think DECEIVER is bettr. I heard it first and loved it. I actually didn't think The Night would get this popular when i got the album...
~~~dont get me wrong here the night is epic~~~~

xutosrock's picture

not that i think much less of 'deceiver' but 'the night' is just... wow factor!

Lordserenity's picture

The Night is like a theme song for me. So, I'm gonna go with the Night. Best Guitar Solo EVER!!!!

Eløchai's picture

"best guitar solo" shouldn't that be Freebird or Comfertably Numb or Stairway to Heaven??
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Indestructible0017's picture

The Night, hellz yeah!

RickyMKD's picture

There can be no better way of knowing.. :) !
THE NIGHT OWNZ... makes my heart pump like bull ! :D

marychris96's picture

I'm new to Disturbed and actually it was The Night that turned me on to them. I heard it and was hooked. I'm 41 years old and am just discovering the greatness of this band. Deceiver is awesome as well, but The Night rules!

Karolain's picture

The Night of course.

hogman1's picture

The Night

Perfectly Insane Human's picture

Both songs are amazing but when it comes to a battle Deciver has to give into The Night!

hippostud's picture

The Night!!!!

worm_FUBAR's picture

The Night...Fucking Awesome

uwonabeme's picture

Definitely the night. one of my top three songs of the cd

xxdevdogxx1928's picture

well.... yea the night is better but not by much because deceiver is also a great song soo i dont know id have to go with the night

J.D.H.'s picture


simon2712's picture

the night

all the way :D

Murtman5's picture

The Night by far no question....but deciever is till an amazing

vampirechick555's picture

i like deciever better but the night is awesome too!

SunanoYachiru's picture

The Night

scarter2000's picture

The Night!!!!

It's an AMAZING and kick ass song :D

Gizmobile's picture

The Night

Mugler's picture

The Night

aliceannabel's picture

both songs kick ass but i fell in love with "the night" the moment i heard it. i listen to it every chance i get. can't go a day without listening to it at least once!! LOVE YOU DAVID DRAIMAN!!!

Trinity83's picture

Hmmm... i gotta say that they both are pretty good songs...but, cause i must pick only one song from these two, i have to say that THE NIGHT is better one!!

rs0313's picture

The Night- definitely. Have it as my ringtone!