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Song Battle!!


  • Song Battle!!

    What song do you like better?

    Inside the Fire or Perfect Insanity

    Leave a comment with your pick below

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    Posted 2009-04-28 19:24
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Disturbed1 Team's picture
on April 28, 2009

What song do you like better?

Inside the Fire or Perfect Insanity

Leave a comment with your pick below

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wolfeyes1's picture

I guess one thing that makes me perfectly "disturbed" is the fact that I find suicide fascinating and exciting... Inside the Fire.

wolfe2003's picture

i can't decide! i love both songs. Perfect Insanity has that feeling you can relate to when your life is like ..... i don't know, you just can relate to it. but Inside the Fire you can understand better, and people understand it better in many ways. but for me, it was watching the music video and listening to the song a million times!! So, i have to say, it's a tie for me.

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Perfect insanity is a song that you cant just sit and listen to. it has that unique feel to it that makes anyone want to be active in some way. Inside the fire, is an emotionally effecting song, both of them have great beats vocals guitar so the only reason why inside the fire is better is because its a lot catchier.

Metal198's picture

I reckon Inside the fire should win this one

racerpete's picture

The first time I heard Perfect Insanity I knew Disturbed had hit their number one best song to date!
(Nothing against 'inside' or any other song on the album - they are all great.)
I actually have problems driving when I hear 'perfect' because it makes me want to drive as fast as I possibly can.
(if you don't believe me try starting the song when you are getting on the onramp of a highway!)
Even my 9 year old sons reaction to that song (and he has heard and loves them all) was 'That was an 'AWSOME' song! That was the best song I ever heard!'
We Love you guys - Thank you for your hard work and being who you are! Please don't ever stop!

pittz2009's picture

they're both perfections so the decision is extremely difficult, but that aside, Perfect Insanity

GhostLau's picture

I love both but Inside The Fire Wins because of the awesome solo!

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Lemage's picture

Perfect insanity is Perfect! way better than inside the fire

PoisonIvy's picture

love them both so much, but Perfect Insanity more!

gamer's picture

Perfect Insanity

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MRST's picture

I like both .... but: Perfect Insanity (reason: my fave song from Indestuctible)

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thea_dog_94's picture

perfect insantity is better then inside the fire cause the beginning of it just wants u to listen to the whole song but in inside the fire it sounds more techno but then finally gets u goin...

victoria.shanon's picture

Got to be Inside the Fire, Perfect Insanity sounds way to much like Metallica, No disrespect to Metallica but Disturbed has their own sound, and thats Inside the fire, The missus reakons Perfect Insanity, but hey, Ive stated my thoughts.

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gate_keeper's picture

Inside The Fire kicks perfect insanity's ass!! i like them both but inside the fire is wasy more evil and demented.and that's why i'm a disturbed one

Zuuki's picture

I like Inside the Fire abit more then Prefect Insanity but all depends what kind of mood I am in :)

xutosrock's picture

Perfect Insanity. This is one of the most 'complete', 'whole', enginiously well written songs I have ever heard. And by the way, the words are very very fitting for who or whatever I am.

Wh1t3xWaRR1oR09's picture

Perfect insanity

rey's picture

inside the fire!

rey's picture

perfect insanity is a good song but inside the fire is better

Markimir's picture

INSIDE THE FIRE is better for me...

lizardnut's picture

It has to be perfect insanity it is more primal..
The Disturbed Lizardnut

10zeros's picture

Perfect Insanity but inside the fire is good to

elsetho's picture

inside the fire

remember325's picture

Inside the fire

RcK DrUmm3R's picture

More competition here, compared to the night and deciever...but Inside The Fire no doubt wins this battle!!!!

ngrhtr's picture

perfect insanity is perfect

Gowans's picture

Both songs are awesome but inside the fire still wins in my opinion :)

glorynn's picture

Inside the fire is my favorite one in this album ! So of course this one is better !