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Disturbed Song Battle!


  • Disturbed Song Battle!

    What song do you like better?

    The Night or Deceiver

    Leave a comment with your pick below

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    Posted 2009-05-16 17:07
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Disturbed1 Team's picture
on May 16, 2009

What song do you like better?

The Night or Deceiver

Leave a comment with your pick below

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hoopman130's picture

the night easily

overkill6618's picture

he night is a badass song so is the music video

amozie's picture


I love both songs! However, "The Night" is my all time favorite. Love to sing along (when no-one listens in the car :-))

TheBeast1984's picture

Both are great songs but out of the 2 it would have to be The Night. May Disturbed Never End.

cm's picture

the night

3llawii's picture

the night is the best song for DISTURBED

Caveman's picture

Deciever Iz The winner!! But Violence Fetish would waste both of those songs

Im_alive's picture

The night kicks ass so I'm with it all the way.

DrownNskulls's picture

I'd have to go with the night... :)

Why So Serious???

dlord257's picture

They are both beastly songs, but I'd have to go with the Night. Droppin' Plates and DWTS def. beat it any day.

oyunlar35's picture

If I got to have my "Santa Claus" present that I asked for when I was a little girl (Drum Set),,, I would be up on stage by now playing with a band also. That was my dream,, to play the drums......Oyunlar

Disruptor's picture

Both songs are by Disturbed, and therefore, KICK ASS!, but I would have to say that I like Deciver better. But Perfect Insanity beats that, and Ten Thousand Fists is the God of all Disturbed songs.

disturbedfan3's picture

the night all the way im actually listening to it now but no matter what the song disturbed rocks

Disturbeds number 1 fan

fouzi's picture

night is great in comparison with the other.
fouzi -

Larie's picture

The Night; that is my deep thinking/party song. =]

Gumpy24's picture

absolutely awesome song. i walk down the street AT NIGHT with this in my ears

davisj02's picture

I choose The Night! It really has that Disturbed energy especially live!!

Aviator25's picture

I think both songs pretty much sound the same, but I'll give it to this one. ALSO!! I have a question for you guys. IS there any way to get an email to the band itself? I would LOVE to have them re-record "ENTOMBED!" All the files I have downloaded of the song are HORRIBLE quality, and I'm not sure if it's s scrapped single or not, but that would be sweet! Lemme know please!

DWTS203's picture

The night

Eyaare's picture

The Night was repetitive, but it still takes the cake in my book.

manicania's picture

Wow, this is such a hard decision. These are probably my two favorite songs on the CD, after Divide. I love the vocal-scheme of The Night better, but I think I like the lyrics for Deceiver better. I'm not gonna be able to choose one, they're both excellent songs, and they both sound amazing. So, it's a tie...

GarryWert's picture
randomperson107's picture

I like them both alot but the Night is better

goldeneyes456's picture

the night is better

Dragostea's picture

both are vry gud but i would have to go with the night

niroshan's picture

"Tell me exactly what am I supposed to do
Now that I have allowed you to beat me
Do you think that we could play another game
Maybe I could win this time "

This is the wonderful lyrics that I heard in my life.
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huntsman's picture


huntsman's picture

how about these-
shout or land of confusion

BigGayPeg's picture

Fuzz's bass solo ROCKS!

Sickness Victim's picture

Battle of the covers, i gotta say SHOUT, because i liked the whole flow of the song, but they are both awesome, and for the original song battle, i gotta say THE NIGHT, i just love the choras and the solo