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Disturbed Song Battle!


  • Disturbed Song Battle!

    What song do you like better?

    The Night or Deceiver

    Leave a comment with your pick below

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    Posted 2009-05-16 17:07
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Disturbed1 Team's picture
on May 16, 2009

What song do you like better?

The Night or Deceiver

Leave a comment with your pick below

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linkfan17's picture

the night is a way better song it has more rock and its just awsome!!!

aprildawn_98's picture

That song kicks ass! It's one of my favs on Indestructible. The other song rocks too! I just like the lyrics to The Night a little more. I even have The Night as my ringtone!

audge's picture

I really love both songs, as I do with all of their music but...I would go both ways on this question. But I think I really like "The Night" a little more because it is yes I will say pretty sounding and feels so meaningful, inspirational, and powerful.

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Last time I saw Disturbed: April 27th, 2009. Glens Falls, NY: my 16th B-day.

bibi5's picture

The Night Time. Because the night time - is the right time. A a creature of the night I like my music dark. In Dubai where I live we do most things at night - it's part of the lifestyle. The night time is the time when most guys go hunting for Dubai escorts so the Night will be the perfect music for this.

The painkiller's picture

The Night is better

theguy14's picture

Alex C. a.k.a.theguy14

The Night but I love em both

real Question

prayer vs 10000 fist
inside the fire vs down with the sickness
stricken vs indestructible

tell me what you think

disturbed01666's picture

as a disturbed fan both of them are awesome but i feel the night overpowers deciever just a tiny bit

bettayetta's picture

every time i try to listen to my favorite tune on The Sickness...i always end up listening to the WHOLE cd!

heavymetalguitarist's picture

they are both great songs but i'm gonna have to say the night
disturbed's #1 fan

Ten-KaiSamurai's picture

Gotta be The Night.

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Disturbed - Deify ftw.

Docyx13's picture

luv em both but i gotta go 4 The Night

lestat5's picture

Both awesome songs, but I'm gonna go with "The Night." Didn't quite like the music vid for The Night though...David was singing behind glass too much lol.

DiStUrBeD eSmE's picture

I love all Disturbed songs but i have to say Deceiver is way better <(o_o)>

IamJames6606's picture

Well, The Night may have beaten deceiver in as far as gutair goes. But deceiver has some better lyrics. so i'll have to go with deceiver. but of corse, they both kick ass. LONG LIVE DISTURBED

Night-Wolf's picture

I think there both awesome songs, but Deceiver is just a bit better than the night.

slyfer043's picture

The Night

hkadfghkadf's picture

What are some easy and good Hindi songs by female singers to play on the guitar?

sex movie

xXNorthWeaponXx's picture

The Night would be the better one. I love them both, but The Night is just another one of Disturbed's outstanding work. Disturbed is the best band/artist there is by far. There one kick ass band, they generate the adrenaline through my blood and gets me going when I'm going to school or playing some Halo 3.

HellHaMMer's picture

Like they say the night has more melody into it and the solo is amazing but both songs rock GIVE INTO THE NIGHT GETS THE VOTE!!!!

Ashinja's picture

The Night has more melody and structure than Deceiver, so it gets my vote.
Deceiver is also a great song, but The Night beats it with the
"Feeling it.. taking over.." line.

freak on a leash's picture

GIVE INTO THE NITE i lthink the nite is waaaaaaa better then deceiver there is no contest there howeva they both rokk

FreaK OuT

UnkownnHostile's picture

Purely on the strength of just listening pleasure...

Has to be....


But both great songs.

brisa's picture

I love them both but definitely The Night!!!

Alucard Hellsing's picture

Alex Sansone

The night

disturbed62's picture

I have to agree with Deciever and May disturbed be the kings of heavy metal
im one aggresive motherfucker now wat do u say

heights32's picture

This songs wins the battle because of Donegan's solo.

crazy_bubbles21's picture

I'd have to say Deceiver, its just sooo much more animalistic, i know it sounds stupid but everytime i hear it, i think of a fight or a chase, like hunting down all the terrible things in your life and destroying them, like fighting for the freedom of living "your" life without outer influences!
But I'd still have to say my favourite song from the album is Divide!
Rock out peoples!!! :-p

disturbednick0838's picture

lets see I dont like comaring my disturbed songs unless its one of my top 5 to one of mine not in my top 5.They are all great but I think I like The Night better, thats just me.

Veniu's picture

It's hard what song i should to type.... I love all songs but i think The Night is better then Deceiver.

Iceage1108's picture

I dunno which 2 pick but I think.............Deceiver definetely.
I love that song 4 the lyrics. Its just freakin SHWEEETTTT!!!!!!