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Disturbed Song Battle!


  • Disturbed Song Battle!

    What song do you like better?

    The Night or Deceiver

    Leave a comment with your pick below

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    Posted 2009-05-16 17:07
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Disturbed1 Team's picture
on May 16, 2009

What song do you like better?

The Night or Deceiver

Leave a comment with your pick below

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Dmatt's picture

man, the night was the 1st song evr heard,that i new of, that was played by distubred, its the reason i love disturbed, so the night, duh

alexis91's picture

the night all the way

wicked.kitty's picture

I love both these songs, but The Night wins if I have to pick one.

imyourleader's picture


the night hands down!

arodbomb7's picture

The Night

carden's picture

The Night too as for me
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STU-56's picture

€8 The Night 8€

DISTURBED.00's picture


.::. bLOOD Stained Silence .::.


DisturbedFukinRoxxx454's picture

The night definitley.. thats the first song i listen to when i wanna head-bang. deciever is an awsome song too, but stil the night is better

LadyEnvy's picture

I like The Night better. Deceiver is a great song too, but I prefer The Night.

Breyeney's picture

I looooove The Night!! This was the first song i couldnt stop listening to when i first got the album. Deciever is great too, but The Night definatly tops it

kayvaan shrike's picture

the night all the way :) but both of them are good :)

littleangel1928's picture

I like The Night but Deciever is pretty good too :D

peachfellow's picture

It has to be The Night, I mean how can you not love that solo?

steveo14's picture

The Night is one of the most strange and powerful songs I've heard... Don't know what you guys did to make it like that, but its an insanely good song...

intoxicatr's picture

love both songs but i prefer deceiver over the night

tonight's picture

Hi ^^


Deceiver is good, too, but the night is much better :D <3

DISTURBED <3 PLS make a concert in germany *_* <3<3<3

thomas pockett's picture

the night all the way

dstaack's picture

I'm definitely thinking The Night. But that's just me. And almost everyone else on here.

DWTS203's picture

the night all the way....

Can you feel that? ahhhhh shit owahahaha

Cancerforever1994's picture

Deceiver by far.

Verminator's picture


ScarredShadows's picture

The night

MalinA's picture

The Night is the best song by Disturbed!!!

macbook1's picture

I prefer "The knight". The song is compiled with full of dark guitar tones and brooding vocal melodies which I like the most. Also it has one of the best solos that Donegan has ever done.
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luckbrand's picture

Ever since i got the album i have, practically non-stop, listened to both songs almost religiously. I do have to say that as i write this comment, i hear the song The Night. I pick, The Night, because...well.... I'm not gonna deny the saviour in front of my eyes, and the best thing to do is just give in to the night.

(i do realize this post is well past due)

Kennoth's picture

Tough choice. Both are epic. I'd say The Night though.

Acident_Ali's picture

For sure ive been listening to it everyday in my Cisco class at my highschool.
But then again Disturbed is all i listen to (<-----------Loser much)
anyways all disturbed songs are the best

wwekid13's picture

I thinnk there both very good songs but the night just sounds way better

shane19's picture

both songs are really good.. but i think the night wins. it has more of an almost anthem-like sound to it. plus it is just insane