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    Disturbed has just finished recording the new album and are now in the studio mixing in Los Angeles. Stay tuned for more updates and an announcement of the new album title.

    Posted 2010-04-20 17:20
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on April 20, 2010

Disturbed has just finished recording the new album and are now in the studio mixing in Los Angeles. Stay tuned for more updates and an announcement of the new album title.


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I really can't wait for the new album!

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i cant wait 4 the new album 2 come out. im canaidien so we dont get very many good concerts so when i found out there was one close 2 home then i literally screamed and im gonna force my mom 2 take me. im not old enugh to get a lisence so ya. im guessing the concert is gonna be mostly the upcoming album.

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Hell yeah! I was pumped for hours when I learned there was a new album coming out, I'm still jacked up about it! Keep it coming!

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Hell yeah!!!! I think there new cd asylum is gana be a number seller

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mixing is cool, Sport Supplement

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I CAN'T WAIT!!!! I am so looking forward to this... =D

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Really looking forward to going to save up some money for a concert! ;D;D

The name on the album is apparently going to be Asylum According to this page!! SO HAPPY!!!!! :D:D

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Can't wait! Looking forward to MAAW5!

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Hell Yeah guys, You get better and more Metal with Every Album Indistructable was awesome. Look forward to you sheading my world apart. Last time you where in Oz you kicked some serious ass. Looking forward to another tour down under when you get here I will Be front row again belting out your lyrics.

Be Safe Be METAL \m/ \m/

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Finally :)))

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Really can't wait. You guys have been my favorite since the beginning!

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I cant wait

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Wow The Epicness !!

Guys You Should Do A World Tour Not Just The US


Awesome to hear about the album llllooll

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Just awesome! Can't wait for it!

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------ \m/ Disturbed Rock! \m/ ------

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can't w8

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OMG woop this is going to be such a kick ass album judging from what the band has said in previous interviews ^_^ im sooo excited, another tour would be soo great aswell so so sooo excited ! :D

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Awesome news!
Can't wait to hear it! :D

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Cant Wait! :)

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Awesome news~ Can't wait to hear something new~

I am a little more provocative then you might be,
It's your shock and then your horror on which I feed
So can you tell me what exactly does freedom mean,
If I'm not free to be as twisted as I wanna be


As i fall, banned from all youll meet your end.

L.A. huh? might as well have a show no?

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I cannot wait for the new album!!!

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Hell Yeah! I can't wait! I love Disturbed!

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Does this mean a tours coming to??????!!!!!!!

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Yes that means they will be starting a new tour. They always start touring to promote their new albums (like they need to)....

And about the dvd.... Yes they are making the dvd, and no, this is not about the dvd. I would more than likely assume they will release that after they release the new cd. (Which is going to kick ass)

Can't wait for it to hit! I KNOW it is going to be just as badass as all the rest.

Keep up the good works guy!

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fuckin right! *woot woot!* i absolutely cant wait, each disturbed release is like a holiday for me haha. any news about the dvd? cause im just as excited about that lol.

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But arent they making a dvd too? but this is about the cd not the dvd right?